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Website development - Publisher or Frontpage

By GraffPM ·
My boss is working on our company website (I have NO interest in doing this) and wants to build it in Microsoft Publisher. She has used the program before but not for website development. She has Publisher 2007 on her system. We also have a copy of Frontpage 2003 but she isn't sure how to use but is willing to learn it.

So my question is, which do you think would be best for a company website? We don't need anything fancy, just a site saying who we are and what we do. Very basic.

Any thoughts?

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The answer is...

by TeknoShamn In reply to Website development - Pub ...

Neither of those, especially if you're developing what will be a corporate website. Microsoft products are notorious for "junking up" your pages with extraneous metacode you don't need, which also adds security flaws. I would use Dreamweaver, which takes a little while longer to learn, but is worth the effort, not only for your own knowledge, but also for the quality of your pages.

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Thanks but...

by GraffPM In reply to The answer is...

I have to use one of the product we already have. I can't purchase any additional software for this. I agree with you, I personally love Dreamweaver. It's just not an option for us at this time.

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Anyone else...

by GraffPM In reply to Website development - Pub ...

have any thoughts on this? Please.

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Abosolutely NOT Publisher for web sites.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Anyone else...

Publisher will create a web site that is so bloated with extra "stuff" that it will be VERY slow to download for your viewers.

That leaves FrontPage, and if your host doesn't support FrontPage Extensions, you're out of luck there too. Besides that, FrontPage has been replaced with Expresion Web and may not be supported by your host for very much longer. So, if you DO use FrontPage now, you may end up converting the whole thing by hand at a later date.

Personally, if all you want is a basic corporate presence and you can't purchase another product, I would suggest that you learn HTML and code it by hand. You will also have to learn how to FTP your files to the server (not hard).

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by Jester James In reply to Website development - Pub ...

Now I know you can't buy software, but there are some pretty powerful free programs out there.My personal favorite, though you cannot build a web site automatically (you can if you do it one page at a time), is called WebDwarf.

You can pick it up from Download.com for free.
You can build a very nice looking web site, using simple tools (very WYSIWYG). Easy learning curve, too.

Official Description:
From Virtual Mechanics:
Web Dwarf V2 is an easy-to-use yet powerful drag-and-drop editor for quickly creating sophisticated web pages. No need for an image tool. The program includes built-in graphics creation functionality to allow you to draw right in the work-window. Layout functions include a snap-to grid, snap-to tabs, and more. Pixel precise positioning. Layout your images and text anywhere on the page you want. Just drag, drop and position. Move your text, draw an image, insert a picture. Everything can easily be moved with your mouse to wherever you want. Edit and spell check your text. Web Dwarf V2 includes a word-processor style text editor. Choose your font style and size, type in your text, create links, check your spelling. Position your text anywhere on the page. One click to preview, one click to publish. Web Dwarf can publish to HTML and to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). The program has a built-in FTP feature for publishing directly to your web site. Web Dwarf V2 does not include any Spywear, Adwear or Junkwear.

Disclaimer : I have no connection to the software or the company, I just use it. JF

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Publisher vs. Front Page

by ladytech2010 In reply to Alternatives

I have created plenty of intranet/internet pages and sites with Front Page. You can always turn off extensions if you want simple. Like another respondent mentioned, coding it in HTML is an option, but you can do that in Front Page as well. If this person knows how to use MS Word, FP can be used much like it. With a simple website, you should not have to worry about extensions; if you start doing special things with graphics, data, etc., then you may have to find workarounds. I.e., I developed a friend's website for a summer rental cabin, and she wanted interested customer data to store in a small database. For that, we had to ensure that our ISP and their servers had FP extension capabilities, among others. Be sure to do your homework--an alternative is, there are plenty of IT/Web college students out there that would love to take on such a thing as their capstone project! Never hurts to approach them, and rarely does it cost much.


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