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Website discover and map flowchart

By cliffjenkins1561481 ·
I have a client that the previous IT just up and left, They also developed their website and now users have not been able to access Password restricted areas. I have access to their portal and the CPanel. I've discovered two areas (email and FTP) yet I have not found the user credentials for me to reset their password. Is there a way to run some discovery that will show me the logical flow of the site? I've even downloaded a local copy, yet not finding anything. It's built using Joomla, which I'm unfamiliar with.
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It appears to be using RocketTheme for the administration module instead. Is there a way to recover the Administration password?

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by cliffjenkins1561481 In reply to More Info

Hello, I was finally able to get in and change the power user's password. However, now both super users/administraors are getting an error, "You are not allowed to add new records". Nothing for the access permissions (CHMOD) have been changed, nothing new added. Thoughts on tracking this down?

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