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is it fee to host your own website if you dont use a domain name? just the public ip of your router? i know that isnt reccommend but still? is buying a domain name just redirect the traffic to your server when you type in for example

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no you don't, only thing

by .Martin. In reply to website hosing

is, how big a market do you want to serve this website to? I know that I (and probably a lot of other people), would not visit your site, if you just gave an IP address. Also quickly looking at domains, in australia, it costs about AUD$9.95 a year for a .com domain.

also, on a aside note, I am assuming you are going to be hosting this from a home computer? do check with your ISP, as I know in Australia, majority of ISP's aren't happy with yo hosting a web server on a home connection.

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definitly check with you ISP

by markp24 In reply to website hosing

i know my ISP will turn off my connection if i host an website/ftpsite, etc, as its in their TOS that you do not locally host.

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Reponse To Answer

by .Martin. In reply to definitly check with you ...

garh! I accidentally hit the '-' instead of the '+', and I can't change it

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Domain names

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to website hosing

Yes, the domain name is just a DNS entry. The DNS entry points to any IP address you want. You can host servies locally but be sure you have a really nice firewall. Do some homework before you get all crazy with it but you could certainly just test it out.

Some things to look in to:

Free security appliance:

(Free domain names also exist. Getting a subdomain is the easiest legit way to do this)

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