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Website Ideas Needed!!!!

By Petersnoboard93 ·
Just wondering if anyone had any good ideas for websites. I have web design experience and want to design a new website. I'm open to any ideas.


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Design a Website that exposes FRAUD

by thomasnruth In reply to Website Ideas Needed!!!!

Want to design a website? This one will keep you busy for many years -- design a website that exposes other websites who commit fraud.

There are several large corporations who currently commit fraud and false advertising that surely could use a kick in the pants. For example: AT&T/SBC Communications.

AT&T has a DSL service co-branded with Yahoo. However, AT&T tells their DSL customers that part of their "Premium DSL Package, they'll receive their Award Winning Internet Security Suite." What a bunch of malarkey! The software AT&T promotes, with the AT&T brand name is open-source licensed under the GNU Public License of 19**. It doesn't even belong to them, and all they did was add a few icons, slap their name on it, and promotes it as "AT&T Award Winning Software." FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD.

Want another? Set up a website about fraud committed by (the short-lived) Microsoft and how the corporation has abused and violated the copyrights of others. Boy, that's opening a can of worms.

Tom C.

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by hakerboi5994 In reply to Website Ideas Needed!!!!

i have the same problem...i know my html/css and all of that and cant come up with an idea for what to use it lol =]

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take a look at..

by cjoki In reply to hehe

...ajax. I have been moving over to ajax based solutions made from a php backend. This is realy interresting and will make for some very nice web apps.

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Lots of ideas

by Dr Dij In reply to Website Ideas Needed!!!!

but lets differentiate
website topics
website techniques

1) topic: a website of 'how it should be'
set problems and have, not endless discussion but a tree format for solutions. If people think their solution is not on a branch then they start a new branch. if on a branch they can elaborate.
there are endless problems in societies around the world. this could almost become a wikipedia of 'ITIL' for societies problems - best practices and solutions.

2) technique: a while ago I saw a java package you could buy that allows you to do connected trees of data - they have a visual representation in boxes, you click on a smaller box and it gets bigger and shows its content. Lines connect the boxes radiationg out from your current box.

The connecting boxes are much smaller until you follow the link and click on them, then they become big and only links from new box are shown. plus maybe color indicating link that you came from.

- this technique would be a pretty major but radical change for ANY website where people discuss problems or issues or anything such as recipes.

Why change? right now take any discussion site. People keep asking the same questions over and over. there might be a knowledge base but is not easily accessible very well by searching. And even if you DO search it and find one answer, related answers / questions are not linked to it. They might or might not show up in search results.

With this technique, people couldn't ask questions at the root level. They would have to browse to at least the basic level where info on that topic branched out. i.e. someone asks question on antispyware software. They would have to ask it at level that started 'spyware recommendations' so they'd be way more likely to browse under the recommendations first and maybe ask it under 'symantec' e.g. 'have you used symantec sw?' etc. and there might already be people who detailed their experiences.

So instead of relying on who is not too busy at work and can answer their question, they can zoom in quickly to relevant answers without missing relevant material and without viewing irrelevant material. For example if Col (Hal 9000) is sleeping (in his doghouse after an out-all-night :) people will still be able to find his answers to similar questions.

The tree will grow with relevant knowledge, possible being 'self pruned' by either lack of access to a topic or years old data allowing the leaves to drop off the tree and composted into available hard drive space .

The 'trees' of knowledge could even link to other 'trees' on other site and additional slick presentations besides graphically linked nodes could be shown, even a 'tree' with new posts being new leaves, fruit for downloads, branches being major topics, smaller stems being subtopics branching off them, and leaves being actual topics with posts in them

all you need to do is find a suitable display software or write your own. then tweak it a bit to add all the features you want. Load a small tree for testing.

It shouldn't take too much memory as the whole tree is never loaded just as the whole internet is never loaded at once on your PC, just the immediate node with focus and the nodes (leaves) it links to. and the trunk index structure that got there, which should't be a zillion levels deep.

I've also got some ideas for visual personal schedulers which would be 'killer apps' but lets leave them off for now.

If you could do the above, you'd both make knowledge easier to find and more logical than horrible search engine results, you should make alot of money either selling the software or implementing sites with it.

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A games website.

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Website Ideas Needed!!!!

design a website that allows a user to pick from several simple games, then play them.

checkers, blackjack, et cetera.

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by Dr Dij In reply to A games website.

and one that doesn't try and load your system with spyware or send you infinite spams.

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by cjoki In reply to Website Ideas Needed!!!!

...your local businesses and/or orginizations (church, food bank, shelter) and see if they could use a free updated website. treat it like a real project, put it together, roll it out and take it as a tax deduction!

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tax deduction

by ksmith In reply to research...

I am currently working on a website for the guys I used to work with. They have helped me in the past, so I volunteered to do the website for free. How would I take this as a tax deduction?

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rock or not

by shortfuse In reply to Website Ideas Needed!!!!

start a website called rockornot.com and get bands, small local bands, to post their music onto the website. kinda like hotornot.com
it will give small bands a chance to get their stuff out there no emo no hardcore no fake mainstream rock we'll let people who view the site vote maybe we can change this fake music scene the nation has been forced to suffer through for ten years
besides theres nowhere anyone can go to see a good punk band garage rock or any thing original even folk music something real

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hey i have an idea

by INTERWEBGENIUS In reply to Website Ideas Needed!!!!

hey hows it going email me i have a great idea i think me and you could work on

i think my website idea is great

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