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website is trying to close this window

By maxiti ·
whenever one of my supported user is on the net, an annoying popup would now and then run, "website trying to close this window" and gives a yes or no option. choosing either gets it away. any way to permanently do away with this. the user is a boss who is always trying to prove i am incapable so he can have my sevices stopped.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to website is trying to clo ...

Sounds like spyware running to me.
I would run AdAware ( on the machine and have it clean out all of the spyware junk it finds. Reboot, and I bet it will stop doing that.

Just get the free version of AdAware (version 6). It will fix it up.

hope this helps

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by maxiti In reply to

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by BeerMonster In reply to website is trying to clo ...

This appears to be a standard security feature. The message is displayed whenever one IE window attempts to close another which - as far as the browser is concerned - was not opened by that window. poor coding by the web dev can also cause this. In short your users browser is just doing what it is supposed to. Reference -

This mentions it briefly during the conversation, but as it's from microsoft themselves I guess that makes it a primary source (of sorts). Also, search the web for

"The Web page you are viewing is trying to close the window"

And you'll get lots of returns from developers sites explaining how dev's can work round it - that's more out of interest though, unless the problem sites are internal that you can have changed.

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by BeerMonster In reply to

BTW you'll need to remove any spaces in the url above..

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by maxiti In reply to

smthng happnd & its not first time in my short techlife. after BeerMonster's suggestion to visit various websites with mt problem, i did. MS did know what i was talking about, & all the other websites were talking in alanguage i could not understand. atleast i got a hint-java. i went to my users pc and played around with custom in the securities of the IEpropeties. sorry idid not document the chaged settings, but the problem has gone. an experienced tech available to explain the phenomenon?

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