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By lavon_699 ·
Hi, I'm designing a website that will offer online clients services to, Automatically perform Diagnostic on their computer, perform Computer Maintenance, Anitvirus search and etc
What I need to know is how to create a link that directs the software to search the clients computer and not my own. Is this done through programming or do I need a special software?

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by MadestroITSolutions In reply to Website links

He he,
No offense but, evidently, you have no idea of what you are doing my friend...
In order for you to do such a thing, u have to do one of these two:
1) Have an ActiveX control that will run on the user's machine through the web page.
2) Have some sort of software that will install on the client machine.

If you intend to launch a software from a link in your page, the only thing you will launch is whatever you have installed in your server, and it will run IN YOUR SERVER, not in the user's computers. I mean, just try to make sense out of it, how would you feel if I could invade your privacy freely by running applications in your computer without your consent, just cause u visit a web page?
Activex controls and software are installed only if you allow it, which controls who can access your computer through such components. It also depends on your browser settings, but then again, those are setup by you.

Good Luck

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by lavon_699 In reply to Website links

Maybe you don't understand what I'm asking..
I have a BUSINESS website that clients will join that offers them services such as: Automatically perform Diagnostics on their computer, perform Computer Maintenance, Anitvirus search and etc. At their request. If you go to this site: and select "Scan Now". You will see an example of what I'm talking about. I know their may be a client install for some but thats not what I was asking. I want to know how to make my software to check the clients PC.

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by lavon_699 In reply to Website links

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