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By egrodzki77 ·
I am having a problem loading my website. I am using WS_FTP. I designed the site with Microsoft Office Publisher 2003. The page comes up but I have to click on my file to see it. It does not load directly. The website is:

If you go to this page, you will see the problem.

Please let me know if you have any ideas.

Thanks so much,

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Ok my friend, you have two big problems here

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Website Loading Problem

First mistake was using MS Publisher to develop a web page. That file is huge for what it displays, over 600KB and over 75% of that is excessive (read unneeded) formating code from publisher. Get hold of a good book on html coding and use Notepad to write the code from scratch, or go buy something like Dream Weaver etc that will do it properly.

Second problem is the great majority of index pages are .htm not .html so change the file name to .htm and see how you go. It will still render the same. And work hard at not using files like index.html.htm, the system works better with only one extension after the dot, ie index.htm.

Later, I'll have a look at cutting most of the formating rubbish out and show you how it should be.

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OK, I've had a look at the web site and it's bad

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Ok my friend, you have tw ...

The home page takes 639.3 kb to download and set up. I spent 75 minutes rewriting the whole thing in a basic text editor Kwrite (Linux version of Notepad) and used all your pretty pics, and my version takes 50.4 kb and displays well. Since you don't have a contact for a peer mail, I'll email the work to the email address you have on the web site.

For heaven's sake, don't use Publisher to do websites, it's not designed for it. It loaded huge reams of excess formatting into the file.

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Deadly Ernest --

by egrodzki77 In reply to OK, I've had a look at th ...

Thank you for your help. You were right about the site. It was the first time I designed a website. I guess you are right -- I should not use Publisher. I appreciate the time you spent looking over the information.

I had a friend that helped as well. I had saved all of the pages as one file. This was a major problem. I saved the files once again, this time separately and then uploaded them one by one with FTP.

Still, I plan on using a different program. I am also going to check out the version that you created.

Thank you so much!

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Use Dreamweaver or something similar, better yet

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Deadly Ernest --

get some books on HTML coding and use Notepad or another simple text program. You only need html for the vast majority of web sites. No benefit is gained from JavaScript, asp, or anything else unless you're using the site to gather data from the visitors, such as a web sales sites where they're buying things.

Plain html makes for smaller files and quicker loading, it's best for simple information sites like yours appears to be. But it does mean you have to know the basics of coding, which are simple to learn, I did at 50 years of age.

Many programs use Java, JavaScript and similar programs as they're easier for novices who know nothing to use to create a web page. But they create much larger files and can cause difficulties with high security gateways, many block Java and JavaScipt as being potentially dangerous. Thus people behind the security screen can't view the site.

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index.html is OK if you know how to setup the server

by zbatia In reply to Website Loading Problem

Everything depends on how the web server is configured. There is a simple correction required on the IIS-based server where you can specify your default extension. It can be anything: .htm, .html, .asp, .php, etc If you want to skip the file names but display only directories and still be able to read the default page, everything can be done on the same server where you have to specify the path to your directories.
At the same time, if you just host your web site at somebody?s web server, you have to accommodate their default extension (often, it's .htm)
For your web design, I would suggest to find a good HTML editor (free edition):

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I strongly suspect this person is talking about

by Deadly Ernest In reply to index.html is OK if you k ...

a problem with the web site they have being hosted by someone else. in which case they won't be in a position to change any server configuration files, but have to comply with the hosting service's instructions. That's why I looked at the code itself, and found it was 90% garbage.

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