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Website loading problems, Windows 7, stumped

By Dougsc ·
I am working with a Windows 7 pro desktop workstation that is unable to open some websites and I am having a hard time finding out what is causing it. Initially the workstation was noticed to be unable to open Then after a couple of days it was unable to access some banking sites needed for the work that station does, and facebook. What happens is you try to connect to say,, and the page sits trying to load forever (or at least 20 minutes, longest it was let run). No error message or anything, just sits loading. Other sites work fine.

This is a brand new workstation I built for a client a week ago, with only customer files and email transferred from the old Windows XP Pro workstation to this new one. When the workstation is here at my office, it works fine and is able to access any site I point it to. After delivery to the customer, they noticed being unable to access the msn site. That was not really a problem, but when a couple of days later they were unable to access the banking sites, that was a problem. I brought the workstation back here to my office and again when it was here, it was able to open all of those sites including msn. We checked it thoroughly for viruses and malware and found none. Took it back to the customer location and it again is unable to open the site, but is once again able to access the banking sites and facebook.

At the customer location it is connected to an Active Directory domain, with a Server 2003 server. Other workstations at the location are all still running XP Pro, and have no problems accessing any sites. I swapped the ethernet cable for one of the other workstations after confirming it had access to into the new Windows 7 machine and experienced the same issues.

I'm a pretty stumped what would cause this sort of issue to pop up only when the computer is connected at the customer's office and not affect any of the other computers there. Would love some help!

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Check your browser proxy settings

by NickNielsen In reply to Website loading problems, ...

If it connects in one place, but not in another, the most likely cause is the browser proxy settings.

Don't know about IE 9, but in IE 8, go to Tools | Internet Options. Click on the Connections tab, then click on the LAN settings button. "Automatically Detect" is the optimal setting for most locations. If the proxy settings box is checked, uncheck it.

For Firefox, go to Tools | Options. Select Advanced, then Network, then Connection Settings. Select either No Proxy or Use System Proxy (the default).

Then try again

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