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Website not available to some PCs

By AndeAnderson ·
I have a XP Pro work station which keeps trying to access the Network Firewall whenever we try to look at the company website. The company website is hosted internally on our SBS 2003. I have cleared the Temp Files, Cookies and searched the registry for a setting that would automatically go to the Firewall. No luck.

This also happens to our other work stations intermittently, both XP Pro and 2k Pro. But, a restart or shut down and restart clears the problem. Reboot and disconnection of the firewall has no effect. The Small Business Server is the DHCP Server and DHCP is disabled in the Firewall. A release of the work station IP has no effect.

The work station has no problem accessing the the network or internet, just our website.

So, I'm pretty sure the problem is in the work station. Where would I find this setting, so I can clear it and maybe keep it from happening on the other work stations?

Some solutions are so obvious I can't see them.

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by wolfman_20601 In reply to Website not available to ...

did you check your network connection properties???internet properties??also check your windows firewall settings

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by AndeAnderson In reply to

They were some of the first things I looked at and compared to the other work stations.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Website not available to ...

sounds like dns problem? maybe losing connection with win2003 box presumable dns server so going to firewall (internet) looking to resolve dns? rebooting fixes connectivity problem somehow? reasons why net might fail between wkstn and dns server is dhcp instead of static on dns server (sounds unlikely if using sbs out of box). another thing is see happening fairly a lot is power mgmt on nics failing to come out of suspend right. you just turn it off in device manager. or look for bad cabling...

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by AndeAnderson In reply to

The rebooting only worked on the other work stations. There are 3 work stations which have the same problem. It does look like a DNS problem.

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by jhansen In reply to Website not available to ...

This is clearly a DNS issue. Are you hosting a domain controller? If your DC is and your web site is then your problem will lie there. So how do you fix it. Follow these steps.

1) on the affected workstation go to start->run->cmd
2) type 'ipconfig /all'
3) notice the DNS server name. It should be the same as the Domain Controller / dhcp server address.(the internal address), if not, your DHCP server is not correctly set up and is not telling the computers its also the DNS SERVER. Fix your DHCP server settings by editing the dhcp settings on the server.

3a) if this is true, then you then need to type 'ping' While in the network, this should also return the same address. If it returns the external address then you have a problem with the dns configuration on your server. you would go to the DNS snapin on the server and define the www as the ip address of the web server.

its hard to explain every contingency but a DNS problem is definantly the cause. double check that and you should find the answer.

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by AndeAnderson In reply to Website not available to ...

I have found that if I run ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew the work stations are able to see the internal website.

Any ideas on why the DNS keeps getting lost or confused on the website address versus the firewall address?


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by AndeAnderson In reply to Website not available to ...

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