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    website Problem

    by gb733045 ·


    HI i am new here i have some problems in my website i make it in WordPress. The performance of my website is to poor i am so worried. can any one tell me which CMS platform is good so i will transfer my site. best regards

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      Re: WordPress

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to website Problem

      Wordpress isn’t bad at all. And it’s not necessarily slow. That mostly depends on the host, the add-ons you use, the size of the pictures and other things. has a lot of tips to speed it up.

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      I agree with Kees.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to website Problem

      Having worked on a few I rarely find it’s a WordPress issue.

      Common issues?
      1. The site owner wanted big graphics. It’s always been a tradeoff between speed and a big graphic site.
      2. SLOW SERVERS. Another area where cheap hosting is usually slower.

      There’s more reasons but WordPress rarely is found to be the cause.

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      Site Slow Tests

      by old molases ·

      In reply to website Problem

      You need to run different site speed checks to identify and then rectify the errors. Tools like GTMetrics and PageInsights can help you identify the issues so that you can work on resolving those. Also, if you happen to use SEO Tools such as SEM Rush or AHREFs they can also help you optimize. To be honest WordPress is the most user friendly and best CMS for a website.

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      website Problem

      by chalessmith ·

      In reply to website Problem

      As the moderator explained Cheap hosting and free hosting, yes this is one of the main reasons for slow performance as per my past experience..

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      Reply To: website Problem

      by stacyltravis ·

      In reply to website Problem

      Also had same issue for my client’s site . I hired a freelance developer from upwork and got it resolved.

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      Reply To: website Problem

      by ayeshakhabib ·

      In reply to website Problem

      That’s a result of cheap or free hosting service. In start i also used cheap hosting to save some bucks and then i realized my mistake.

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