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website problem?

By Jaqui ·
ok, need to check if it is the website code, or my system causing an issue.
[ like a 2GHz dual core system with 2GB DDR3 ram will lock up opening 1 tab on a website often ]
yet that is what is starting to happen all to frequently.
latest site causing it:
http://www.shaw.ca [ cable company and isp ]
just trying to access the my account section the menus locked browser for 3 minutes.

trying to use the feedback link on the bottom of that page, CRASHED the browser 3 times.

so, is it thier site or my system causing the problem?

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I just visited the site in Opera 11.64, WinXP SP3,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to website problem?

a single core AMD Sempron w/2gig RAM...no issues. The "feedback" button
does do a popup though, so if you have a popup blocker it may be blocking
that. The "my account" button took me to the login or create account page.
What browser are you using? It could be something in the browser.
A quick check using DPlus browser (based on Dillo) shows 65 "bugs" or
problems in the first page HTML code. DPlus and Dillo do not support
Javascript or plugins, so the feedback button doesn't work in it. There
is also some sort of error message about 1/4 the page down in DPlus,
don't know what it is, probably in reference to some Flash content,
anyhow it says "Something went wrong, please try again"????

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latest seamonkey

by Jaqui In reply to I just visited the site i ...

mozilla's suite browser.
same code base as latest firefox, only ui difference.

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Have you tried Opera for Linux?

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to latest seamonkey

I know it's not "GNU" licensed, but it is free. I use Opera 10.10 and
11.64 in a Slackware based distribution, Slax...I could boot it up if
you want and see if it errors in Slax, but not knowing for sure which
distribution you are using may or may not make a difference.

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on IE 9

by PurpleSkys In reply to website problem?

win 7 64 bit intel I5 2.4 GHz with 4 gig ram. The my account tab was a little slow to load but not bad overall and no crashing and the feedback page laded pretty good too. Run any antimalware type scans lately?

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what are those?

by Jaqui In reply to on IE 9

I'm 100% GNU/Linux you know.

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Shoulda known

by PurpleSkys In reply to what are those?

I'm a MS girl, Darryl's influence

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ooh and admitted masochist

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Shoulda known

isn't that what MS means - or is is multiple sclerosis?

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i'm a hound for punishment

by PurpleSkys In reply to ooh and admitted masochis ...

what can i say?

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Well, anymore I say use what you have!

I fought the battle to use alternative OSes and applications for
a LONG time, trying in vain to convince friends and family that
you really didn't need the latest greatest Windows, wrote my
own workarounds and kludges to prove it. But then something
happened about 4 years ago, and suddenly I didn't have the
time to find or make those workarounds. Plus just getting my
kludges to work acceptably to a large part of the rest of those
in my profession was taking longer and longer. Battling breast
cancer with my wife's diagnosis suddenly became a bigger
priority, and it was much quicker and simpler to break down
and obtain some version of Windows that was compatible with
the regulatory agencies I deal with. So came to pass that I
purchased this Windows XP SP3 Dell Inspiron 510S. My old
Pentium 166 still does what I want it to do, and the P3 500 mHz
I have with Slackware will as well, with the appropriate fixes used.
I'm reminded of the old animated movie "The Wall" (yes, I went
and saw it a couple of times while in college, hehe) featuring
Pink Floyd...that darned hammer just keeps pounding on you
till you either conform or you break. HOWEVER...I still have
that rebellious streak, which is why my other systems are
kept in working order, as well as I keep Slax on a USB thumb
drive for use at anytime I'm at a computer that will boot from
ps...I still enjoy booting up the P166 into plain old DOS! I can
still browse, email, etc., but many websites are not as functional
now with all the Javascript...none of us old DOS dinosaurs could
ever get a good JS interpreter together, we tried, but it still
remains outside our grasp. With fewer and fewer old DOSosaurs
around, might never have one. Some think that's good, but it
sure limits what one can do, especially in regards to large sites.
Last time I posted here at TR using Arachne in DOS was probably
about 18 months ago...2 major site changes since.
Oh well...I'm rambling...please excuse this old Wiz...maybe I
should fire up telnet and telnet in to my old BBS and relive some
LORD days (Legend of the Red Dragon)!

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I use Fire Fox in Zorin OS Linux - no problems

by Deadly Ernest In reply to website problem?

have you got the latest updates for FF, there was a recent security one related to Java

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