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    Website subpages error


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    Hi gang, I’m curious if anyone has seen an issue we have with one of our public websites. We have which is hosted by which is owned by Cox. A couple weeks ago we started getting calls about people not being able to see our new car detail pages. Checking found we could see the new car list but if you clicked a specific car you get a status 400 “request sent by client was syntactically incorrect “. The odd part is this error seems to only happen across some but not all internet providers. On my cell, at&t, I get that error. If I’m on wifi I see the vehicle detail page. I also found on my phone on at&t there can be a day or 2 intermittently that I’ll be able to see the page and then the next dat I get the 400 error so I recheck to ensure which network I’m on. Our support at has thrown their had up stating they are unable to reproduce the error so they are done. We also found people on Verizon have no issue viewing the detail pages. We also have another dealer group page that can list the same inventory also hosted by and there is no problem on it viewing the Same Audi unit stock number that throws the error from the page. So, I wonder if anyone has seen something like this that I could send to the support to point them toward a fix. Thanks

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