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    Website & Uninstaller


    by john.cb1 ·

    Every now and again i get a website copy it self into my favourites folder , and put a icon on my desktop and in my start menu.

    What can i do to stop this.

    What software can i use to completely get rid of a program i have uninstalled

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      Reply To: Website & Uninstaller

      by jschein ·

      In reply to Website & Uninstaller

      Website installing itself in favorites, desktop and other unknown places is called a HIJACK…

      Goto and download their free program called AdAware. Update it, run it, and clean your system of malicious programs (be sure to check the options when doing a scan to search your favorites folder also)

      There are also programs out there for free called REGCLEANER. They will scan your system registry for junk and old program links that were not fully uninstalled. This program will clean that stuff up.

      Now as far as a program stopping all of that before it happens? There are too many to name.

      1) Lavasoft has one with purchased version of adaware

      2) Google’s search toolbar has a free feature of stopping pop-ups

      3) Pop-up stopper programs have some programs that also do this. You will have to find one that specifically suits your needs.

      Good luck.

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      by john.cb1 ·

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