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By Ballart ·
Our companies website is not up to par and hasn't been changed in a long time. I asked the bossman if I could update it for a small fee, but he said no because there isn't money to be made from upgrading it. So I guess the question is how much of a difference does a website design make when your looking at products to compare and buy?

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not up to par

by The Scummy One In reply to Website update

who's par?

Is there any real problems with it? Is it doing what it needs to? Is it working?

If it is working fine, and doing what it needs to, there is no real reason to change things up. When things change, problems arise often, and customers may have a harder time trying to get what they want.
Dont be too quick to change things just because it has stayed the same for a while!

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Ditto that.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to not up to par

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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Thank you for that

by Oz_Media In reply to Ditto that.

Your view, and many others share it too, is exactly what makes knocking my competitors otu of top p;lacements so easy.

After I just finished checking two of my sites, I found that one is now hitting #1 spots in Google on several major key phrases, while the competitor who was in 1st and 3rd spots is now in h edouble digits, meanign his site nolonger gets hit because he forgot to work to keep it tuned and tweaked.

I love lazy webmasters, "if it aint broke don't fix it", has got to be the best and most inapplicable frame of mind when it comes to web positioning/success.

THANK YOU for making my life easier!!!

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Depends on your market

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Website update

If you're in a small niche market with a limited number of established customers, it's probably a waste of time. If you're trying to attract the retail masses, a face-lift may be justified.

I don't think it would count as spam if you were to post the link here. It's going to be easier to judge if we can see what we're talking about.

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And another one

by Oz_Media In reply to Depends on your market

I used to agree whole heartedly with your niche market feelings.

I have since found out just how wrong I was, by properly positioning and targeting my markets for many small local business who don't deal outside of a specific region, they have had phenomenal success and an increase in business even with many not conducting business online but relying on local walk/call ins.

visibility is everything, a lack of positioning it's like opening a store and not having any signs or ads out front.

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I think SEO is far more important

by Oz_Media In reply to Website update

As long as each page loads fast (<5Secs.), offer relevant info without too much technical data, you should be okay with the actual content. Make sure your page is loaded with SALES oriented copy and not just tech details or manufacturer specs, link to such information but don't use it to present the product.

search Engins optimization is FAR mro eimportant in yoru case though. If the boss does not see relevance in yoru website, it is probably because it does not drive enough traffic to justify the need for improvement.

What I would do is NOT offer to fix it for a fee but offer to fix it for free.

Learn about search engine optimization, the web is a great resource, but don't just add keywords and spam your headings, proper SEo is a trciky but VERY effective business, I was only just checkign two of my sites and found that they were just killing my competitors websites for common search phrases, some of my competitors that once held top spots now hold 10+ while I now hold Google #1's for most of the related/targeted searches(anything beyond tenth position is a waste of a webpage).

I use a few different SEO utilities but if you want a free one, SEO Studio is free and does a greart job, it just doesn't come with the documentation/trainng that others such as WebPosition Gold offer.

Tweak and then resubmit your pages, after 6 months of follow ups, more submissions for specicif pages etc. You should be hitting Google's top spots, the same spots a lot of companies pay big omney to get into.

Use a stats counter to track visits and show teh increase in activity, then after 6-8 months, and a few top 10 placements, go to the boss and show him your success and the value in your redisigning the website.

Without such proof and success, you are just blowing hot air.

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