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    Website with forum in 2k or 2k3?


    by vanalex ·

    Hi! I want to create a no frills website with a forum. Can I do it in a system with 2k or 2k3, with SQL?

    And what tecnologies are there available to create a website with a forum?

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      Reply To: Website with forum in 2k or 2k3?

      by cg it ·

      In reply to Website with forum in 2k or 2k3?

      you can with either W2k or W03 server. Frontpage has templetes for creating newgroups where people can post.

      No quite sure what your looking for in regards to technologies for creating websites and forums. They have been around since the BBS days of the late 80’s and early 90’s though todays programs have the Windows GUI. In the old days it was created from plain old programming.

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