Website won't work within domain network

By maq2429 ·
My full domain controller name is and my website name is My DC is DHCP,DNS,ADS server with 25 nodes connected and internet goes through my DC.

The issue is my website works fine all over except within my DC network. I have contacted my ISP and website host and they say they are not blocking it.

1) My domain name is not registered.
2) My network is designed as follows
The ISP cable goes to router's Internet Port and from router's LAN port one cable comes to my DC and another LAN port of router is connected to switch and from switch all clients are connected.

The router IP is the gateway and i need internet for AV and Updates and also for some FTP use on DC.

I use static IP from ISP and the website work for few hrs,or next day or next week,then it stops working within my network and if i change the static IP(i have 5 public ips from ISP) the website works again for few hours or until its again blocked.

the nslookup shows request time out after 12hops( its goes through till phoenix ) then Request timeout.

later on i found that one domain is registered on name of this why my website won't work through my domain controller because its not registered and getting conflicted by the registered domain.

but i am using .local in my domain name.

Please let me know a solution and please let me know if you need any details on this issue to help me out...


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Request for Clarification

by JPElectron In reply to Clarifications

When you ping on the DC what do you get?
When you ping on a workstation what do you get?

What DNS server(s) are specified on the workstations? (should be only the IP of the DC)

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Request for Clarification

by maq2429 In reply to Clarifications

i get reply from on DC and also same reply in the workstation.
Workstations are getting DC's IP as DNS.

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Request for Clarification

by maq2429 In reply to Clarifications

when the site is not working i get Request time Out on both DC and workstations.

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DNS Forwarders

by JPElectron In reply to Website won't work within ...

On your AD server, under DNS server, properties, you should have forwarders listed (the IP's of your ISP's DNS servers) did you do that? I might suggest that you use Google DNS there instead, enter and in the list.

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Reponse To Answer

by maq2429 In reply to DNS Forwarders

Yes i did that and also i had already checked with the google DNS u mentioned...still the website is getting blocked after a time span.

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DNS Settings on DC Server

by dandaman2234 In reply to Website won't work within ...

Have you set the default DNS server IP address on your DC's NIC to be the IP address of the DC server (as it is the DNS server as well)? If you have, you could have a look to see if '' is listed as an alias for another address within you DNS listing?

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