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Websites judged in milliseconds

By Jaqui ·
First impressions are often the truest, but how fast is the first judgement? Barely a twentieth of a second when it comes to viewing a webpage, according to the BBC.


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by faradhi In reply to Websites judged in millis ...

This sort of thing should support more web masters scripting for more than just IE. However, Execs will read this and want a redesign that includes stuff that only IE is capable of. And then the webmaster will protest, get overruled, and script for IE only. Then that same exec will be introduced to some other browser, go to the website, get an error, and then demand that the website look properly with said browser. The the webmaster will remind the exec of the previous conversation, be told to redesign the look again. Later the another exec will find the article and .....

Not that I am jaded or anything but I am glad I am not a webmaster any longer.

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That was the plan

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Interesting...

but then Marketing came up with a flash presentation that takes four seconds to download on broadband.

Nice to see this, I've always been a big believer in simple uncluttered and understated home pages.

When I'm browsing, if first page hasn't rendered in under three seconds, it's stop and then back to google.

Can you remember those idiots who gave you a 500k flash presentation on dial up and no way to skip it until it had finished downloading and playing.

add must+have+brains to google search string.

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I can beat that 500k flash...

by Jaqui In reply to That was the plan

a "Web Designer" local to here, had a 5 mb jpeg imagemap as first page.
and his webserver was on a 36.6 dialup connection.

I couldn't beleive it so I actually timed the front page loading....

10 minutes!!!!!!!!

and this guy was suppoed to be a professional web designer!!!!!!

I sent him a really nasty email about useless web designers that do stupid crap like use huge image files and map them for the front page of a site.

the whole company disappeared fairly quickly after that.

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The quick pages...

by dfirefire In reply to I can beat that 500k flas ...

When I started to 'design' web pages, a friend gave me the golden advice to make my sites as fast as possible, and I did. That was when broadband was just around the corner.
Nowadays, I still have that rule in the back of my head when creating web applications. Although not always easy because of the variable processing time on the server, the pages themselves are designed to render as quickly as possible. I make extensive use of XHTML and CSS to reduce redundant code, and make sure that my pages validate well and are W3C-compliant. Images are always resampled to 96 or 72 dpi, and intro's are banned. Most flash intro's can be exported as aniGIF, which renders faster and avoids the nasty installation.

Also, the content and possibilities should be clear at first glance, but I guess that is already understood by now...

Are there any more speed tips?

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image dpi

by Jaqui In reply to The quick pages...

actually never needs to be above 72 for web work.

gif may have small sizes, but the palletted colours do cost in overall quality.. [ 8 bit palletted is not as nice to look at as 24 bit rgb ] and a jpg with 72 dpi isn't much larger.

it's not just in speed for the site, it's overall layout. a blazingly fast site with bad layout is a bad site. one item that has dropped by the wayside with these dynamic sites is one page = one screen of data. this is a pity, since scrolling was never meant to be an integral part of the web. [ check most linux documentation, [ user manuals for applications ] the dockbook layout used limits each page to one screen, with the intent of zero scrolling required ]

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I can beat that 500k flas ...

nob head is what he was.

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In a former position...

by faradhi In reply to That was the plan

I refused to use flash. Administration wanted it because they had seen other colleges use it. I just plainly told them that they either drop flash or outsource the site. I do not know flash and have no interest learning it. They dropped it.
I hate flash.

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Don't mind it as such

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to In a former position...

but to me if a web page takes longer than five seconds to come up and or it isn't clear where you want to next, the only place you go is out of the site.
Seen lots of developers particularly ones who do db content, do an all singing all dancing super duper page on their top of the range machine on a their internal LAN and it turn positively glacial outside in the real world.

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by Jaqui In reply to In a former position...

this comment to them, make them happier with you:

survey results, from 250 thousand Graphics Artists, 95% of whome have high speed connections and excellent computers: 80% of respondents leave a site as soon as they see flash used.
50% leave as soon as they see javascript.

if they use both on a site, that is up to 90% of potential customers that run away because of website design.

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