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Wednesday musings...

By Shellbot ·
I suppose I've missed out on a lot of good gossip not being around much for the past few weeks..(or months for that matter)???

If there is anything crucial can someone please let me know..(like JD finally admitting to his deep interest in showtunes etc..)

Well, started the new job this week..
Yes, thats right, a new one. Some might say, but didn't you just start a new one before Xmas? Yes, I did...not gonna go into details on it cause you never know who reads these posts..but lets just say it didn't work out for a number of reasons. I didn't say a lot or whine and b!tch about the job like I usually do...but I finally cracked and jumped from the pan to the fire. I didn't much care what job I got, as long as I was outa there..

So thankfully I'm not a Business Analyst/Developer anymore..back to just plain ole DBA (thank god).. only my 3rd day, but already I've gotten more SQL time than I did in the last 3 months in my last job!!!

ANything new out there? Anything strange going on??

Speaking of strange..went to MS 2008 Launch last night (server 2008, sql 2008, VS 2008..etc)..had tasty free snacks & nibbles (the crackers with cheese and roasted pepeprs were exceptionally good) some free software..all in all not too bad..

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by maecuff In reply to Wednesday musings...

I hope this new job works out for you! I've been contemplating making similar move. I've given this one 6 months and I'm still not warm and fuzzy about it.

Can't really think of much gossip. Listen to the Friday podcasts and that should catch you up.

Again, good luck with the new job, hope it's all you want it to be!

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6 months...

by Shellbot In reply to Shell

i couldn't manage 3 months!! Actually, kinda decided in my second month..just took me a few weeks to find something.
YOu been looking for anything new?

Mine is only a 3 month contract might be extended..might not..I don't care..either way it got me out of the other one!!

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I've looked

by maecuff In reply to 6 months...

but not real aggressively. I had and interview a few weeks ago and it seemed promising, however, their hiring process has 'stalled'.. whatever that means. And I have a chance to go back to consulting, but really, I'd rather look around a bit more before doing that.

If my immediate boss weren't such a d0uche bag, I'd be fine. The job is really kinda fun and I like my users. I just can't take the d0uche bag much longer.

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how about your bosses boss?

by jdclyde In reply to I've looked

What do THEY think about you?

Maybe it just needs to be explained to them that douchebaggism is not a good way to run a department?

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I think I'm cool with the veep.

by maecuff In reply to how about your bosses bos ...

His office is next to mine and we get along fine. He's very complimentary of my work.

I've cleared up issues in my six months here that have been hanging out there for YEARS. I have users who think I'm their own personal savior. I have collected a score of emails thanking me for my help, etc. Yet, I have never heard a SINGLE 'thank you' or 'good job' from my boss. It's not that I need constant attention, however, the only attention I DO get is very critical. I need some lovin' every now and then to offset that.

I don't help myself though. He asked me last week, and these are his exact words: "Did you actually do ANY work today"? My reply was "No, I sat in my office with both thumbs up my a$$ all day long." Then I went home. He asked me the same question on Monday and my response was the same. This time, he got irritated. I told him the question was insulting. Ask in a nicer way and get a nicer answer.

Yesterday he assigned a task to me and it's something I know NOTHING about. I have a skill set, this is outside of it. He stared blankly at me and said, "Well, you have to learn it. I'll go ahead and let you struggle with it." So, I'm set up to fail on this. In the meantime, I can't keep up on all the requests I'm getting (something he points out).

Today? I'm working on my open issues. I'm not even going to THINK about that other project.

It was so hard for me to NOT say, "You're right, I DO need to learn it. It will look great on my resume".

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The boys club....

by JamesRL In reply to I think I'm cool with the ...

It is the way of some management, and I would especially include many older males, to not be forethcoming with praise, to joke with employees and peers, in lieu of more personal direct communication.

My boss is rarely critical, doesn't compliment, and comments on performance only at review time, and then usually to say his peers think I am doing a great job. He lives a couple of thousand miles away, travels alot, and though we have a weekly scheduled phone conversation, we often postpone or cancel based on his schedule.

Do I think I have it bad? Not really. When the chips were down and my wife had health issues and I had health issues, he was very helpful and supportive and sympathetic. Thats when it really counted. My whole senior management team is like that. They all enquire about my wife's health and my progress with the ankle (walking now with a cane, thanks).

I will admit, I'm probably not all I could be with compliments and praise. But when we have a baby shower I do my best to make sure it works out well, and I generously top up the funds out of my own pocket.


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I don't mind

by maecuff In reply to The boys club....

lack of praise, as long as there isn't constant ridicule. And yes, a lot of it is ridicule, not constructive criticism.

There is one other female in my group. She and I have yet to hear a single compliment, yet we hear compliments being handed out to the other gender quite frequently.

And you know, since I've been here, I've had two deaths in my family. And there was no mention of either, other than to say, "how much funeral time are you taking". It's just cold.

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I remember that one

by jdclyde In reply to The boys club....

where he asked if you were really going to take all the time that was allowed by the company for the funeral. Duh, with travel and all?

I still say you should have coughed on his phone last week.... ;\

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Thats cold

by JamesRL In reply to The boys club....

When one of my staff had a mother pass away, I organized a trip to the visitation by our department and sent flowers. I took time off work for the funeral, even though I barely saw my staff member at the funeral, it was still the right thing to do.

If I thought my boss wasn't joking and was critical all the time, and was that cold, I'd be looking, but thats me.


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Well, since I'm not a stupid person

by maecuff In reply to The boys club....

I can read the writing on the wall. I think this guy just doesn't like me. And that bums me out, because people generally do. I've not had too many conflict of personality issues throughout my adult life, but I think this is just one of those things. And since he's my boss, he can adversely affect my job here.

I'm just tired. I just started this job and it makes me queasy to think about starting over again. But, you gotta do what you gotta do..

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