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Weekend Dates In A Different Color

By tptbusines_98 ·
I have been given the task of administration of an MS-Access 97/2003 database. The date field has ALL the dates of the year in black. I want the database to identify weekend dates & display them in another color. I want the database to identify holiday dates & display them in a different color... Can/will someone direct me to an example for this situation???

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by dmiles In reply to Weekend Dates In A Differ ...

Default text properties and page color
Default text properties, the properties that text items initially have when creating the question, and page color settings are available under File | Customize in Form Design. This saves you time and trouble when you want all of your objects to have the same font for consistency, without having to go through the font selection every single time you create a new object.

File | Customize | Default Fonts | Question allows you to change the default font that questions have when you initially create them.
File | Customize | Default Fonts | Response allows you to select the default background color and style of text that response buttons have when you create them. Otherwise, you have to manually set the colors using Modify Response | Button | Button style.
File | Customize | Default Fonts | Tool buttons allows you to select the default background color and style of text that tool buttons have when you create them.
File | Customize | Default Fonts | Page color allows you to set the background color of the pages in your form. This may prove useful, since the default color, depending on your Windows setup, may not be the same on everybody?s screen in data entry as it is on your screen in Form Design. You should make sure that the background color contrasts with the colors of text or buttons already on the page.
File | Customize | Default Fonts | Cursor Color allows you to set the color of the cursor.
NOTE: Custom colors allows you to set up your custom-colors for SURVEYWin in addition to the basic Windows colors. If you want to change the basic Windows colors, you will need to use the Control Panel in the Program Manager or Start menu to set them up. Refer to your Windows documentation for more information.

Select File | Customize | Prefill to specify
Hope this Helps

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Weekend Dates In A Differ ...

I am trying to work out a similar thing. I have a countdown timer going off that I want to flash red after 2 hours. I don't have a finished solution yet but i can guess you'll need to learn
date manipulation (which ends up being the same as time manipulation) to learn how to tell if it is a weekend then
how to change the character font color in a form field.
Then how to set up a If then else loop to run your examination code.
Tons of sample code on their website. Download the Forms sample database and Help files. If you VB Help did not install with Office Pro, find it yourself the VB Help Files which should be on your Office Pro installation CD #2.
Anyhow, this is the code from the timer sample i swiped that changes the form's Timer Start/Stop button text and color from START to STOP and from black to red and 'grays out' the form Reset Button..
It was in the sample form database free for download from microsoft.

Me!cmdStartStop.Caption = "&STOP"
Me.cmdStartStop.ForeColor = RGB(250, 0, 0)
Me.cmdStartStop.FontSize = "12"
Me!cmdReset.Enabled = False

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by supmktg In reply to Weekend Dates In A Differ ...

assuming the control that holds your date is named 'TextDate':

If Format(Me.TextDate, "ddd") = "Sat" Or Format(Me.TextDate, "ddd") = "Sun" Then
Me.TextDate.ForeColor = vbRed
Me.TextDate.ForeColor = vbBlack
End If


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