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Hello Experts,
I belive that this also lies in the IT Depertment. So if any one of you know how to solve this issue.please help.
I work in a Horticulture company so we do a lot of weighing of products on weighing scale then the weight is relayed in computer via the MuddyBoot Software.
Now the problem is; when the workers try to weigh the goods from the copmuter, it brings an Error: Access denied to the Port COM1. Now they have to do it manually. Please Advice on what to do if you have an Idea.

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Something has locked COM 1.

by seanferd In reply to WEIGHING SCALE???

What sort of computer is this?
What operating system?
What application displays the error message? OS? MuddyBoot?

Is this a real physical COM port, or a USB port designated as COM 1?

This generally happens when something else is using the COM port. Any other software using the same port concurrently? If there are other computers or devices involved, there may be a conflict of some sort. If this is a Windows PC, check in Device Manager for the COM and make sure that no conflicts are listed in its properties. You might also check in BIOS setup.

You can also contact MuddyBoots support. It may be a common issue that they already have an answer for.

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