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Weird Browser Behavior - IE

By khafner ·
I have a computer in my network that is exhibiting some very odd behavior. When the user inputs an address into the browser the browesr tries to go to the following site "http:///?%". The browser appears to append "http:///?%" to the address entered. I have never seen this issue before and do not know how to correct the problem. Any ideas would be helpful.


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That just happened at home last night.

by khigh In reply to Weird Browser Behavior - ...

I have no idea what caused it. My wife tried again, and everything worked as expected. At this point I assume she accidentally typed an invalid character before

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IE is possibly hijacked?

by NI70 In reply to Weird Browser Behavior - ...

Have you tried running SpyBot Search & Destroy or AdAware yet? Or for that matter any other anti-spyware software? Does this happen every time the user opens IE?

To me it sounds like IE was hijacked. Use an alternative browser such as Firefox or Opera for every day browsing and IE for company web apps that require IE.

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IE Problems

by BearyAnn In reply to Weird Browser Behavior - ...

This weekend I was doing some surfing for a music file and wound up some how on a site that wiped out my IE and finally I have to rebuild. The worm took over.

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