Weird DFS / Profile issue - Please help!..............

By tony.hawk ·
The crux of the problem is, when a user logs in the server performing the logon (Citrix environment, but loggnig on to the desktop of ANY server has the same effect) whilst loading the profile, trys to talk to an external server on the IP address:, first a ping, then on port 137, then, when it fails (my firewall blocks it) it continues to log in.

This does not occur with a local profile.

I have spent far too long hunting for this and presumed it to be many things, but it comes down to using DFS for a profile location.

Accessing files (home drive for example) via a DFS link does not prompt this outside link, and if you use a straight UNC for the profile path, it stops it.

I have tried re-building the Data server, the DFS server and the DC, run virus scans, adware scans, Malware scans and rootkit scans but I cannot find it.

It's not the end of the world as I can use UNC's for the profile path as the user doesn't see it, but I cannot track the source down and it's driving me mad!

Has anyone got any ideas?



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