Weird dynamic DNS behavior

By Fregeus ·
Hello all and a good day.

Something strange happen at my customer's site today and I wanted to know if anyone ever experienced this and if so, do you know why it happen.

We have two domains, lets call it and domain.intra. has a sub-domain called xyz.

a week ago I downloaded or exported the list of entries in To my surprise, there were a good 50 aliases pointing to non-existing names in sub-domain xyz. This morning, almost all those 50 (about 90% of them) aliases are now pointing to existing names (identical ones) but in domain.intra.

-Everyone swears that no changes were done.
-Both domains are Dynamically updatable

Has anyone ever seen Aliases updated dynamically in windows DNS? Is this something that can be done? It was such a large group of names, can a lack of communication between both domains cause this?

Any ideas, suggestions, appreciated.

Thank you

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Replication Settings

by Master_Key In reply to Weird dynamic DNS behavio ...

DNS windows services can do replication form parent DNS's , might be you have to check parent settings, other wise reason might be if this machine running active directory, the Active Directory may be conflicting with DNS resolving internally , thus may cause such a thing. Hope I could help.

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Partially helpful

by Fregeus In reply to Replication Settings

So you are saying that if there is a discrepancy between AD and DNS, AD takes precedence. That would explain why the names went from to domain.intra. I did not expect this to be the case for Aliases though.

unfortunately, it still does not explain how the aliases links got to be in in the first place.

Thank you.


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