Weird Hardware problem

By entee ·

I am facing a weird computer problem. Until recently my computer was working all right.
Now when I try to switch it on the Power LED comes on and stays on as it should, the keyboard LEDs blink and processor and SMPS fans go on. The DVD-RW blinks indicating power to it. However there is no 'beep' from the system speaker. I have tried removing and re connecting all power and data cables. I have tried removing the RAM and then trying to boot, there is still no beep. I have tried disconnectig each of the HDD and DVD and fans and then tried booting and there is still no beep code. The system does not start up and I might have to switch of all the power and wait for maybe 6-10 hours and then try again.

The system does start up from time to time, works fine and then the mouse cursor tends to go into 'waiting hourglass' and then when I switch it off and on it doesn't go on.

I have recently installed a new HDD but also have an old one. I have tried using another new SMPS with the same result.

However on other times the system switches on just fine.

I am using the following config:
P4 1.6GHz
256 MB RAM DDR2 Dyenet(192+64 shared)
160 GB Seagate Barracuda.

I would appreciate any suggestion. Thanks in advance.

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You could try unplugging the Computer and see if it boots after that

by OH Smeg In reply to Weird Hardware problem

But with the provided description I would guess that you have a faulty Power Supply.

But I'm taking it for granted that when you pulled the RAM & other things you cleaned out the case. If not that wouldn't hurt either.


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Suspect power supply

by mjd420nova In reply to Weird Hardware problem

The first you need to check is the power supply. Be sure the monitor is warmed up and on when applying the power to the CPU. The first display should be the video cards BIOS. If you don't get that then the video card is not starting. Either power supply or video card, if the video card is okay in another unit, then suspect the power supply. Seems to be getting 12 volt for drives and fans and could actually be booting if the keyboard lights flash and the video card is bad. no beep code usually means that the video card is integrated and faults are not reported normally. Good luck

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