Weird No-Posts

By Tatune ·
- R5 3600

- Asrock pro4 b450 mobo

- Asrock 5600xt

- Dark Rock Pro 4 from Be quiet

- A case

- Some fans

Just built my first system a little while back, maybe 5 or so months ago. Got off to a great start, great numbers in games, lightning fast multitasking, etc etc... Well about a week ago I booted my PC and the case fans turned on, but the CPU fans did not. It sat there half running for a while, no post. My monitor never recognized a signal at all. PSU- On/Off, remedied. It booted immediately and I continued on as normal. Fast forward to tonight, it just did it a second time. Exact same thing, but I had to on/off the PSU twice. Now it is up and running full strength it seems. No hardware changes at all recently, and no software changes I know of. I OC'd it to I think 4.175, I would have to double check(when I first built it). Either way, I did the long way of overclocking and adjusting voltage in tiny increments till I got something that would stress test Bueno. Under the crazy-unrealistic stress test load it doesn't go above 83 or so... In games I don't normally see over 60 degrees.
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No way to say here

by itsdigger In reply to Weird No-Posts

except to tell the pros which PSU you have and if you tried a different one.

I can also tell you that these folks don't recommend OC'ing and recommend running stock settings.

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by Tatune In reply to No way to say here

I don't have spare psu's lying around, unfortunately, but it was a good one, EVGA, I dont remember the specifics.

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I've heard such stories before.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to PSU

We look at the PSU and find it's years old. But you write about overclocking so I can't tell if stock clocking works here.

There are overclocking forums if you are in for that.

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