Weird noise coming from laptop

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İt's been like 3 or 4 months since I get the laptop. İt's an Asus Tuf 505gd and recently while I was playing Divinity Original Sin 2 the battery started to drain for some reason. I didn't understand the issue since I've played games like Rise of the Tomb Raider or Darksiders 3 or whatnot and it didn't drain as much as the Divinity caused. I thought it was okay maybe it's because it needed to be cleaned so the pc is using more power . Anyway when I closed to pc like ten minutes ago, there was a slight noise coming from the back of the laptop while plugged in, when I plug it off there's no noise.And then I opened it again to see if it continues but everything seemed normal and fans started to work so I couldn't be sure if the noise was still there, changed to the silent mode and didn't really hear anything.
My question is, should I be worried or is it normal ?
I'm thinking maybe it's something like coil whine but I couldn't be sure since it makes the noise when it's off and it stops when I unplug it. And I don't think it's a sign of a failing battery because it charges just fine if I'm not playing demanding games.
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Don't take any risk

by Nomozine In reply to Weird noise coming from l ...

I wish i could hear the noise to know if it's actually something you should be worried about.

All i can say is, If the noise is abnormal and you fell it's just not right, then you should see a computer engineer

Here are things that can make your laptop noisy

1. When Gaming
2. When Running Heavy application that requires graphics or power
3. When your power option is on high performance
4. When your computer is overheating and your fan comes on to cool off.

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