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    Weird Outlook issue


    by rdecast ·

    I’m having issues trying to find out what’s going on with this. There’s a user here who received an e-mail from a Hotmail account yesterday.
    Now the user has both the Auto-Preview and the Preview Pane enabled. She can clearly see the first three lines of the e-mail in the Auto-Preview field, but in the Preview Pane and while trying to open the e-mail, it’s blank. The only thing that she can see in the e-mail is the last couple of lines of advertisement provided by Hotmail.
    I had her forward the e-mail to me and I experienced the same problem.
    Two weird notes about this were that no matter how many times we replied back to each other, the first three lines shown in the Auto-Preview would be the of the original e-mail from the Hotmail account. The other weird thing was that I logged into my e-mail account via Outlook Web Access and I was able to read the original e-mail. Along with that, in all the e-mails that we wrote back to each other, the original e-mail from the Hotmail account was always on the top.
    I believe they were coming in HTML format, and I believe that if you send from Hotmail on the web, it comes in Plain Text, could it be that the source is sending from an Outlook client hooked to her Hotmail account, and just has some weird settings enabled? Sorry for the long message! Thanks in advance!!!

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      Try this

      by slacker ·

      In reply to Weird Outlook issue

      Go into Outlook
      Mail Format
      Select HTML as the type.
      Resend it to yourself and see if the test appears.

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        Reply To: Weird Outlook issue

        by rdecast ·

        In reply to Try this

        Thanks for the reply! I’ve tried that, and the weird thing is, I can’t recreate the problem at all! like I said, it’s weird. Well, the user received another e-mail from the hotmail and account, and it went through just fine, so I’m going to leaveit at that right now, and if it comes up again, maybe it’ll give me better clues as to what’s happening.

        Thanks again!

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      Reply To: Weird Outlook issue

      by old and tired.. ·

      In reply to Weird Outlook issue

      your msg did not specify whether there was an attachment to the hotmail msg…
      have found that if there are repeated embedded “forward to” parts of a message, each embed is an attachment for outlook, so you have to open each of the attachments, till the final one which has the actual message to display….only in outlook.
      Netscape/webmail of any kind…the message gets displayed right on

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