Weird PC problem

By ShaneK ·
Hi. I have a PC which seems to draw moisture out of the air. With an RH of 65 - 75%, there tends to be water dripping out of the power inlet, and sprayed around inside the box. Has anyone experienced this, and what is the cause/solution ? This PC has a 750W PSU, but an older/lower power machine doesn't seem to do it. The mains tends to be quite high voltage @ 238 - 240, but the current PSU is from FSP, and rated to 264V.

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Air Compression

by TheChas In reply to Weird PC problem

Without getting too deep into the physics of moisture in the air, the dripping water is the result of the power supply fan compressing the moist air. Basically, the fan is taking the moist air and wringing some of the water out of it. Much like wringing out a wet cloth.

The answer is to adjust the net airflow in the PC.

If the power supply fan pushes air out of the case, add at least one case fan mounted to push air into the case.

If the power supply pulls air into the case, add at least one exhaust fan.

What you are trying to do is balance out the air flow so that the power supply fan cannot build up the pressure to extract the moisture from the air.

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