Weird Printer Issue

By marcus6275 ·
All right, folks, I have a weird printer issue that I managed to fix, but I don't understand why the fix worked. Maybe one of you can explain it to me. Here are the details:

The printer in question is a HP Color Laserjet 4700n, set to operate as a network printer on our local network. The PC that was having the issue was a new Dell 9010 running Windows 7 x64. The PC had three network printers and one local printer mapped to it, two HP printers, a Ricoh, and an old USB desktop printer. The issue was that the computer could not print to the HP 4700n. Oddly enough, it could print to all of the other printers, but just not to the HP 4700n. I could ping the printer, and I could print to it from other computers.

List of things I tried (along with restarting the computer after most of these steps):
Reinstalling the printer driver.
Checking the port.
Reinstalling the printer entirely.
Checking the printer spooler service.
Checking the printer network setup.
Trying to print from another user account.
Trying to print from Safe Mode.
Trying to print from a CMD prompt.
Downloading and installing an older version of the printer driver.
Downloading and installing HP Universal Print Manager.
Deleting all printers and installing just the HP 4700n.
Updating the BIOS (I was really reaching here.)
Restarting the printer.

After all of this, the printer still would not print, and the other printers still would. So, after two hours, I decided to delete all of the user profiles. No idea why I decided this would fix it, because the problem was very clearly not profile specific. But I did, and when I logged in again, the printer worked.

I don't understand why this is, and it's bothering me. Ideas?

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A wild guess

by gechurch In reply to Weird Printer Issue

I don't know, but I'll take a stab in the dark:
* The printer install (either the 4700n or one of the others) did something (eg. set a registry key, or wrote something to appdata) it shouldn't have which affected all users and the default user profile.Whatever that was stopped the printer working.
* When you deleted the printers the registry key/appdata entry was removed from the default user profile, but the existing accounts were unchanged.
* When you recreated the user accounts the new profiles did not have the problem.

As I said it's just a guess. I doubt that's it exactly but I imagine it would be some variant on the theme of "one of the early things you did fixed it, but the problem remained for the user until a new profile was created".

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by Gisabun In reply to Weird Printer Issue

Try the generic Universal Printer Driver from HP.

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