Weird Printer Issues

By rwtodd2007 ·
I have a customer who replaced their laser printer with a new deskjet printer. They now cannot do multi-page reports through their web-based program, but they can cut and paste the info into notepad and prints fine. The new printer also causes their other terminal not to be able to print at all.

Recently, they removed the new deskjet and replaced it with a older inkjet printer from Lexmark. They still cannot print multiple page reports from the main computer, however the secondary computer will now print all reports just fine.

The first computer is acting as a server, running XP. The computer is 6 years old, and I believe running USB 1.1. This is a remote customer in another state. Both printers, the deskjet and inkjet are USB 2.0, and the client computer supports USB 2.0.

If anyone has any clues as to what is happening and how to correct it, I'd appreciate it.


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Re: Weird Printer Issues

Are the two computers running "XP"?
If so then all is needed is to point the offending computer/server to the new printer, this will then load on the software to either computer/server and it will make an "ip address" of the offending printer. Hopefully this is all that is needed. Oh make sure that you have the "XP" drivers and not the "Vista" drivers. The new printer might have come with "Vista" drivers and it might be this that is causing the problem.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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Spooler setting

by robo_dev In reply to Weird Printer Issues

I would try adjusting the....

Advanced printer properties:

try 'start printing after last page is spooled' or 'print direct to printer'.

Most inkjets have very little memory, and expect all the data to be there, while a laser printer has enough ram to accept the whole job at once.

Depending on your printing application, you may also need to try changing the print processor to modiprint versus winprint, or raw versus emf.

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