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weird problem when trying to copy/move files

By marina_1234 ·
Ok, I am having this weird problem on my computer and I am slowly becoming pretty baffled as to what's going on here. I would really appreciate some help here! Sorry for being too verbose here but I am just trying to explain the full scope of the problem here.

I have several disk drives on my pc - running windows 98se. this is a new hard drive i bought (a seagate) which i formated and have had no problems with up until a few days ago. essentially i am using it (or was) as a file server... mostly text files, pictures, music, etc... obviously this is a home machine. Anyway... I was working fine until a few days ago (and I had changed nothing, installed nothing new) I discovered I can no long copy or move files to or from this disk drive. I can see it fine. I can see all the files/folders on it fine. I can even maneuver through the file/folders fine too. I can even open all the files too. All my other drives are working fine, and windows appears to be working ok too. When I try to move/copy to or from this drive, i get some kind of weird violation/share error - saying something like it's already in use or I can't copy/move from/to it. There is tons of free space on all my drives (just trying to do some organizing). I do not have a network with multiple pcs, so nobody should be accessing anything... Again all my other drives are fine. any ideas? help please!

oh right, almost forgot to mention - i have already tried running an extensive scan disk on it and everything turned up fine. thanks again!

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by arleenw In reply to weird problem when trying ...

Check for phantom temp files that aren't getting deleted when you close the files. Go into the windows folder options, and make sure view or show all files is checked. I forget exactly where you find it - in one of the menus in windows explorer - I don't use 98 too much anymore. Once you delete the temp files, you should be able to move the originals.

Good luck!

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copy/move problem

by marina_1234 In reply to

Hi! Ok I looked for temp files and deleted all of them. There were none on the drive which is a problem. My C: drive is a different drive... but I still searched and removed the temp files on it. It didn't help though.

The problem drive is my E: drive and only has data files on it, and such...

It's weird - it's almost like I hit a threshold on the drive.. And although I can access the data on the drive I can not move, copy, or delete any of it.

But thanks for the ideas and keep them coming!

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Error message

by cgp77 In reply to weird problem when trying ...


What is the exact error message? Did you format the drive FAT32? Did you try and share the drive even though you are not on a network? How are you logging onto the computer Client of MS?

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