Weird problem

By kiwibeachdip ·
I have a weird problem , my computer was all of a sudden shutting itself off now and them for quite awhile .... today it shut itself off and now when I turn it on there's a beep the bios comes up but seems to load only 3/4 down the page and then a brief flash of auto tune that comes up on black screen and then it just stays on at black screen with no intro windows xp page ....
.... to note when my computer was turning itself off and on in frustration I turned it off at the wall outlet, I've done this before and it always came back fine ... Have I buggered my computer with no hope in sight? ..... thanks for any help .....

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Well if you remove the Mains Lead from the system

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Weird problem

And it then starts this shows failing Capacitors in the Power Supply. If you do not replace the failing Power Supply it will eventually fail and then you are unable to restart the computer.

The main problem with allowing things to continue to the Bitter End is that quite a few low end Power Supplied do not have enough capacitance in them and when the capacitors start to fail they pass any Spikes into the inside of the case damaging/Degrading the components in there.

IF the system works when the PS is replaced good but it is possible that the M'Board, CPU and RAM have been damaged and may need replacing. The HDD may even be damaged depending on exactly what's gone wrong here.


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thanks for the reply

by kiwibeachdip In reply to Well if you remove the Ma ...

The computer doesn't stay on after I shut off the power supply ... I turned it off at the wall because it was restarting itself over and over .... excuse me tech jargon ignorance, I guess I don't think tech ... by power supply do you mean the cord that it's plugged into from the back of the computer ? .... could it be my surge protector ? .... windows XP will not boot up after the beep and the bios page there is just a blank screen but all the fans are running, and it sounds like the hardrive has come alive too ...... thanks again for any help ... I can still acess the setup page when I hold down delete is there anything I can do there, I can't get into safe mode when I hold down f8 ...... I'm pulling my hair out ... thanks

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The Power Supply is inside the case

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to thanks for the reply

It is a box that reduces the Mains Voltage to the 3 required by the computer to run. That is 12, 5 & 3.3 V DC if any one of those is off, not working or not producing sufficient current the computer can not start.

Depending on how bad things have got this can vary from nothing when you press the On Button to constant restarts. The give away is if you remove the Mains Lead and discharge the capacitors inside the computer.

If after that the system restarts the Power Supply needs replacing as it is failing.

As you can enter the BIOS Setup it appears that the remainder of the computer is not too badly damaged so you may get away with just replacing the power supply with a new one.

I always recommend Antec PS's as they offer far better protection to the insides of the case and will sacrifice themselves rather than kill the entire computer when hit by a sever power spike. Well within reason at least as there is nothing that will stop the surge from a nearby lighting strike but for the more common things that any electrical device is subject to they will offer Superior protection for the delicate electronics inside the case.

You can see their range of PS here


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CPU Motherboard Failure

by TheChas In reply to Weird problem

From what you have posted, this sounds like a CPU or motherboard failure. I would make the motherboard my prime suspect.

As you are not sure what the power supply in a computer is, I recommend that you take this to a shop and have them look at it, or just replace it.

FYI, the power supply is the gray box inside the computer where the AC power cord plugs in and multiple wires run to the drives and motherboard.


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have never had motherboard failure, can I ......

by kiwibeachdip In reply to CPU Motherboard Failure

Will I be able to recover my files etc, with a motherboard failure? .... when the bios comes on it says memory testing ok ...... the page loads up quickly primary something or other and secondary slave then it goes sometimes to auto tuning then a black screen the one that always comes up before windows XP loads .... does pushing the reset button below the power button help, ... I haven't tried this or going into the setups page help at all ..... thanks

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Details Always Help

by TheChas In reply to have never had motherboar ...

This adds additional details to what you had posted before. And, changes the diagnosis.

While you could still have a hardware problem, this sounds like corrupt system files.

The first thing to try is a repair installation of Windows. For that, you need your original Windows CD. If you have installed Windows Service Packs that are newer than the version of your install CD, you will need an install CD with the correct service pack "slipstreamed" onto it.

Once you have the correct Windows CD, you boot from the CD and follow the prompts like a normal clean installation. Make sure to point the installer to your current Windows folder. You will then be asked if you wish to repair the existing installation. Click yes, and with any luck your system will be repaired and run properly.

I would still recommend that you take this to a local repair shop. Primarily to reduce the risk to your files and data.

Yes, if your motherboard has failed, it is possible to recover your files and data. If you were to buy a new system, you could install your old hard drive as a secondary drive, or in an external drive enclosure and copy your files to the new system.

If you replace the motherboard, you need to boot into safe mode the first time so that Windows can sort out for missing hardware and then prompt you to install the correct drivers when you reboot into normal mode.

To give you fully detailed instructions for any of the above exceeds the limits of this forum.


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Thanks heaps .....

by kiwibeachdip In reply to Details Always Help

Thank you for taking the time to answer that , I've been pulling my hair out , ...... this gives me a clearer picture of what I need to do or how to approach it when I call the computer shop tomorrow .... thanks again and have a great day :-)

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Device failure troubleshooting

by mjd420nova In reply to Weird problem

My first logical attempt would be to replace the system board, but be aware that it could be a plugin card or short on the systemboard standoffs. These would be followed up with a new power supply at that point, a last step would be to isolate any drives, secondary and optical, one at a time to see if one of them is dragging down an interface, A halting hardware interupt and lastly check any leads for temperature sensors on the CPU fan, but a good examination should have already revealed any simple faults and operational sound effects(fans, beeps, hard drive initialization routines(listen close) and even clicks and pops from speakers(internal and external and which one when) greatly enlighten one to what's normal. Display functions during booting are most often interupted by a BIOS mismatch but can be waited out(5 minutes before timeout). By this time, an interuption would indicate a CPU failure(either heat over-run) or fan failure.

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