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    Weird questions for a nursing home


    by patrick99js ·


    Hello! I would like to ask a questions about old people caring. So my grandma is too old to live by herself and our family decided to send her to a nursing house, although we don’t really want to do it, we have no choices since no one can full-time take care of granny.

    The environment of the nursing house is nice and we pay for a single room for gramma for her comfort. But still, we want to make sure grandma is taken good care of, so we would like to request a camera be installed in grandma’s room.

    I have never heard anyone around me doing this before. In case this is a very weird request, I want to check first if any nursing houses you know would agree to do so, and is it legal? In short, has anyone done this before to put cameras inside the room of the nursing house?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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      Re: camera

      by kees_b ·

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      I doubt if it’s allowed. It doesn’t only involve your grandma, but also the privacy of other clients visiting her in her room, and – even more important – the privacy of the staff of the nursing house. That certainly would need permission from their employer and – but that depends on local rules – a workers council.

      It seems to me that without permission it’s about as legal as install a camera in a police station to see they don’t do anything illegal with anyone they bring in. Which, no doubt, you wouldn’t be allowed to do.

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      Take a look

      by cindy19851111 ·

      In reply to Weird questions for a nursing home

      My grandparents stay in a special nursing home in New York. I call it special because my parent and the owner have been good friends since high school.

      The nursing home is not luxury but pretty comfortable, and they provide single rooms equipped with cameras for the family to access only. The camera brand I saw in the room is Axis and the software we access is Skyrec. But most important of all, the nursing room asked for our permission including my grandparents’ that agree to take the room with security cameras.

      Let me know if you need some information to talk to the nursing room. Or if you live not far from New York, you should come to the one we chose.

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      Reply To: Weird questions for a nursing home

      by gsk49116 ·

      In reply to Weird questions for a nursing home

      Hi, Patrick. I want to say that you are doing a good job for your grandma.

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