weird registration issue

By hdhntrs ·
i had an issue with os boot menu so i installed windows to smaller drive to get back online
jacky howe helped restore boot menu to default and now this

when i try to logon it tells me this instalation must be registered with windows and prompts me to do so

when i accept it shows me my desktop (with no icons) for about 20 seconds then goes back to logon screen and logs off and stays at logon screen

steps i took before running repair console

1: i changed ownership of entire drive because i could not access files(access denied prompt) and wanted to ensure if worst came to worst i could recover my files

2: turned on automatic updates and passed wga but left computer on overnight with both drives plugged in (i used same xp pro cd and serial to install to new drive) maybe microsoft examined computer and saw 2 drives with same install on them and disabled the original somehow

any ideas?

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Activation or Registration

by B.Leighton In reply to weird registration issue

Just to Clarify does it ask you to Activate windows? or register windows?

Registering with windows shouldn't have that kind of Issue as its optional

So if it is activate, then have you tried doing the over phone activation rather than over internet?

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Reading your other Thread

by B.Leighton In reply to Activation or Registratio ...

OK so i read your other Thread and confirmed that is it Registration.

Try This,

boot up into another OS[eg.DOS] just somthing that will allow you to browse the drive goto the following directory


and delete 'wpa.dbl'

This will remove the activation and will allow you to reactivate hopefully solving the registration issue

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thank you

by hdhntrs In reply to Reading your other Thread

i will be trying this straight away
i'll let you know

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you where right

by hdhntrs In reply to Reading your other Thread

it is activation but for some reason when i open the windows file \system32 is not there
is this the folder that microsoft removed to deny access?

when i try to copy system32 to windows file it says file already exists and upon selecting overwrite it almost finishes then says cannot copy "default" and ends copy session
when i accept the option to activate it shows my desktop (with no icons) then logs off and returns to logon screen

any ideas?

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Not sure you are doing this right, from reading your post.

by seanferd In reply to you where right

The folder is C windows\system32\, the file within which you are looking for is wpa.dbl.

If you can't find the system32 folder (not sure what you are trying to copy, though), you may need to do the following:

Go to Folder Options - View, select Show Hidden Files and Folders, and uncheck both Hide protected Operating System Files, and Hide Extensions for Known file Types.

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You will still have to wait 120 days before you can reactivate

by Jacky Howe In reply to you where right

Press the WinKey + r type or copy and paste this into the Run box <b>cmd /c del C:\WINDOWS\system32\wpa.dbl</b> and press Enter or click OK.

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thank you

by hdhntrs In reply to You will still have to wa ...

for your help
but i think that this is an abortion
i will run on the small drive until i can upgrade some hardware
thank you again

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Sorry to be the bearer of the sad news

by Jacky Howe In reply to thank you

but keep in mind for next time, that you have 30 days to activate.

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