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Weird roaming profile issue

By quintar51 ·
Trying to create a roaming profile for a user on Windows XP. He currently has a local profile.

so, here's what I did.

- Create a profile share (everyone - full access)
- Copied the user's profile to it, and gave him full access to it, as well as made him the owner.
- Specified the UNC path in AD.
- Renamed his local profile to joe.old as a backup.
- When I log in to the domain as the user, I get a new profile created. When I check the user profiles under My Computer > Properties > Advanced, I don't see his profile anymore. There is only local admin and that's it.
- I then logged in as admin and deleted his new profile, and renamed the .old back to the standard.
- I then check the user profiles screen again, and this time it showed his profile again, configured as roaming....

This doesn't make sense to me, because if the profile was to be killed right now and he'd log into the domain, he wouldn't get his profile at all.

just an FYI, I did this for another user who's set up exactly the same way and it worked with no problems.

I've never seen this issue where you renamed the user folder locally, and it no longer lists the profile under My Computer > Properties > Advanced > User Profiles.

If I just create a new profile for him, I could copy over his .PST and favourties and My Documents, however, his application settings will be lost.

Any ideas?

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by Vetch_101 In reply to Weird roaming profile iss ...

I'm not certain, because I've only ever once played with roaming profiles....

But I don't remember renaming the old one...

Maybe you should have made a backup copy of the local profile, and let the current version be converted rather than rebuilt...

Not sure how to rectify it, but still

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by graszhopper1938 In reply to Weird roaming profile iss ...

Open A new folder,put profile in & shread it,then try again.Sounds like A window`s glitch; Luck to ya;

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by swisstonihasher In reply to Weird roaming profile iss ...

My firm works with Windows roaming profiles and its a fine art to get it working perfectly all of the time! Sometimes the profile becomes corrupt, sometimes the profile will no longer roam. The fix depends on the individual machine, but in some cases I've had to delete the local and server share profiles for the user and set them up again by login as the user (letting Windows do the profile setup new), then copy items over from a backup copy. I'd suggest you do the "copy over his .pst and fav's/my docs etc" without having a server side folder setup for the user, ie let Windows create it. Its not that much of a loss for the user and you'll get a reliable roaming profile.

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by In reply to Weird roaming profile iss ...

You should copy the profile first to the network share, then change the local profile to central, logg off and on again. If you do anything wrong with the profile, and you have a network default profile that one takes overhand. If, for some reason the user have "jumped around" and have alot of local profiles, you can have problems with the profile with the newest date. Just delete them on other computer. You can use delprofile from w2k resource kit.

Regards K

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by Joanne Lowery In reply to Weird roaming profile iss ...

Believe it or not, but you are working the problem too hard. Kill off the suspect profile on the server. Make sure that the UNC path to the profile exists e.g \\servername\profiles$. In the user account in AD set the user profile path to \\servername\profiles$\%username% (%username% will convert to your users login name). Have the user login on their workstation. If the profile already exists on the workstation see if you can "Change Type" it to roaming. Set up all the usual gumpf with mail, printers etc. Log the user out. This last step populates the profile on the server. (Note that by default the admin account does not have permissions to the profile. You will get access denied errors). Next time the user logs in the profile will be roaming.

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