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Weird Scratches On Screen

By Kmfood123 ·
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So I have no idea what happened. But one day i just noticed randomly that my laptop screen looks like someone took a pen to it and just scratched all over it. I take pretty good care of my laptop, and i don't remember seeing the scratches the night before. The link below is a pic of the monitor. Can someone please tell me what happened? and how to fix it? Thank you in advance.

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Some questions...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Weird Scratches On Screen

Just a few questions for you:

1: Are the scratches inside or outside the screen?
2: If outside the screen - has someone managed to get a hold of your laptop?
3: If inside the screen - has the laptop been dropped by chance? ( including possibly by someone else) or had the background image changed? (someone playing a joke by chance by changing to background image)

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@tcavadias follow up questions

by Kmfood123 In reply to Some questions...

Thank you for the reply!

In answer to your questions, the laptop has only been dropped once about 2 years ago. The scratches do not seem to be on the outside of the screen as i can not feel any real difference when i rub my finger across the screen. And no-one has messed with the background as it appears even if the laptop is powered down.

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Laptop Crashed

by drdrumaff In reply to Weird Scratches On Screen

There is a strong possibility that Your Laptop got Crashed. You just have to go to any customer support and ask to look after the issue. If your OS is crashed then you can flash and install a new Windows on it.
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