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Weird SCSI Connector

By Tonywildcat17 ·
At work, we just found an old server and are now trying to get it up and running. It is an IBM Netfinity 7000 with 2 separate SCSI disk arrays. Each cabinet has space for 5 hard drives. The hard drives are connected to a casing which allows them to be hot swapped. The connection that is on the casing is a SCA connection, but the hard drives connections look weird. There are 4 connectors all within a 2" span that is connected to the drive casing which then slides into the cabinet. The connectors on the drives (IBM COMP IEC 950 DCHC) 3 pins, 3 pins, 5 pins, 8 pins. I cannot find anywhere on the internet information about what type of SCSI that is. I don't know if any of this is making sense, it is a little hard to explain. Sorry, but if anyone has any kind of idea what type they are, please let me know. Thanks a lot.


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by Captain Krunch In reply to Weird SCSI Connector

What are the Type (8680?) and model numbers (7UL ??) ? They are probably located on a plate on the frame.

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by Captain Krunch In reply to

Here's the link to IBM's page about them. It just says SCA-2 wide scsi interface.


hope this helps

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by Tonywildcat17 In reply to

The link did not work. I think that i have figured out a little more about it. I will just keep messing with it and see where that gets me. I have been doing some research, but havent found much. thanks for your help though.

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by Tonywildcat17 In reply to Weird SCSI Connector

The server is a Netfinity 7000 Machine Type: 8651
The case of the server has a list of parts and part #s. The hard drive is 76H5818. I looked on the internet and they look identical to the ones found in the array (cabinet), all except for the connector. They have the SCA 80 pin connector while mine have that weird connector/s. The casing that the drive slides into for the array does have a converter from the Weird male pins on the hard drive to the SCA (not sure if male or female, it is the smaller one) connector. Does that help any?

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by Tonywildcat17 In reply to Weird SCSI Connector

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