Weird SD card problem, need recovery help

By kvansant ·
Though it's common to have SD card issues, I've searched a bit and haven't found a discussion that echoes this particular scenario.

I put a new SD card in my Sony a6000 camera a few weeks ago, But until today I had been transferring photos by way of USB cable direct from the camera without removing the card. Today, because I had a ton of photos to move, I thought it would be faster to take the card out and put t into the reader of my PC. But, the PC didn't recognize the card. No biggie I thought, so I put it back in the camera to do it the USB cable way instead. But now the camera doesn't recognize it either!

I tried a couple of different recovery software options, they could find the card and apparently scan it but found no data!

The card is not physically damaged, but somehow something became corrupted when it went from the camera to the PC. Does anyone have any idea what I could try next? Thanks!
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