Weird symtom - suspected virus but strange

By cmkong ·
I am not able to use 2 of my computers - one desktop and one notebook to access the internet at home. Both are using wireless access.

At home when I trying to access internet...

For deskop once I plug in my USB adapter, the system reset reboots itself, blue screen.. consistently.

For the notebook, once I hit the wireless button, the notebook also resets itself with blue screen.

However, for this notebook, I have no problems using the wireless feature to access internet in my office. The "auto reseting" symtom did not appear.

I have tried other notebooks accessing the same wireless network at home, I can access with no problems. In fact, I have accessing the net and writing this post at home now with another notebook.

What happened? I scan the desktop and notebook with Trend micro.. no virus detected!! Very frustrating.. Anyone knows what is happening.. what can I do ?


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I have to agree with you on the 'Strange' part....

by robo_dev In reply to Weird symtom - suspected ...

If you shut off your home network, does your laptop also BSOD when you hit the wireless button?

Are there other WLANs reachable from your home (e.g. that hacker who lives next door).

What wlan adapter are you using? Is it the same brand in the desktop and laptop?

Are both devices using the same security type (e.g. WEP or WPA2).

Are these both running Windows XP?

Do you have system restore enabled?

Look at the system restore calendar to see if any Windows updates were recently installed.

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Umm ...what does the Blue Screen say?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Weird symtom - suspected ...

Its function in life is to pass on information about the system failure.

So what does it say when it occurs?

The error message would narrow the field down considerably for us to formulate a constructive answer to your problem.

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