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Weird virus/trojan in Microsoft Security Update ???

By moreinfo ·
On Saturday, I needed to download a help file from Microsoft for Visual Basic 2005. I downloaded the file, and then tried to open the file, but was told that I needed a certain Windows Update on my machine.

It has been my policy NOT to load any Windows Updates or Security patches, since installing WindowsXP.

However, I really needed this help file.

I downloaded the Windows Update file, and when I tried to install it, I was told that I needed a Security Patch, before I could open the Update.

Hmmph! I still need the help file ...

I then downloaded the Secuirty Patch, and while it was downloading I got a message that a file called VirusBurster was being installed, and after downloading the Security Patch, my machine rebooted and the first thing that happened when I got back to the desktop was VirusBurster started and told me that I had multiple infections.

I tried to download MSDefender from Microsoft but this wouldn't start because I didn't have the prerequisite Windows Updates on my machine - BY NOW EXTREMELY NOT HAPPY!!!]

All of sudden I hear copious quantities of Hard Drive noise but no indication from the hard drive LED, and thinking that it is my SATA hard drive doing something, I check CPU activity and it is running at 100%.

I turn the machine off at the wall!

Since then, something has destoyed all of my backup files, and Cloned backups on my SATA drive, including the Read-Only partitions, and then wiped the whole SATA drive ...

A few new swear words have been introduced into the English language.

Finally I tried to restart XP but it won't.

I have been using, building and repairing computers for over twenty years, and I have never seen this sort of voracious virus.trojan/worm effect.

I am now using Ubuntu, and Apple only for browsing etc, and will never trust Microsoft again!

Be alert!

Robert More

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Weird virus/trojan in Mic ...

Install the Security Updates the next time!!!
(that or your whole post is false)

I guess you would not to patch a Linux or other OS distribution as well. Why bother, eh?

Do you update your virus definitions? - you do!!
Then why not the security patches????

MSDefender - so scared of patches yet will download MSDefender????? - What is going on?????

20 years experience - doing what with PCs?

No patches (in this case) left you wide open to be infected through an unpatched hole in your OS. Plain and Simple.

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A little knowlege can be dangerous

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Weird virus/trojan in Mic ...

If you don't keep your security up to date and then you get nailed updating it, this means there was a problem with the security update?

In a word 'erm No

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by IKN In reply to Weird virus/trojan in Mic ...

I think the problem may be in the reasoning. More than likely the problem existed before you updated, but when you applied the tried to fix the problem and set off the virus or whatever it way.

It's kind of like a man who has cancer...goes to the doctor...and gets mad at the doctor for telling him he had cancer. The man's reasoning is that before he went to the doctor, he didn't have cancer...but, in fact, the man did.

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I'd thought of the Cancer approach, but ...

by moreinfo In reply to Misunderstandings

I've been using Computer Associates anti-virus, firewall, et al for over five years now, and have never had question to doubt the effectiveness of their products. I still don't and I don't honestly think that their anti-virus couldn't pick up the existaence of " a cancer" in my machine.

I used to scan every day, but what I have found is that the "package" that I picked up had first of all gone into my clone copies of my backups and wiped headers in the system file areas, then had done the same in my C:\Windows folders. None of the files in "My Documents", or other folders was touched.
It only went for the system files, in other words it was designed to take out Windows.

This tends to make me think, all the more, that it may have been a cancer, but I still (maybe wrongly) suggest that it had come inside the Windows Update, or Windows Security files.

Who knows?

I am now running an alternate system on an alternate system machine, which I had been planning to do the cross over for some time, but just couldn't find the excuse ...

I don't hold a grudge against Microsoft, as such, but I just cannot believe it has been sitting on my computer waiting for me to download one "trigger" file.


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