Weird VPN issue

By Anqara05 ·
So here is the situation. I'm using microsoft VPN on latitude D630 to connect to work. The VPN server at work is an ISA configured to allow VPN connections. when i try to connect i end up with the generic catch all vpn error 800.
I'm able to connect to the same VPN server using other desktops and laptops from the same source as this D630. i tried 3 different LANs with this laptop still the same issue.
i can ping the VPN server at work from this Laptop on port 1723 althouugh the replies are little delayed than when i use other computers.
I checked the server log, there is nothing that shows connection attempts from this laptop at all.
I'm really out of ideas here, and starting to get frustrated, this laptop belongs to my boss, VPN on it never worked since it was bought. DEll won't help as they treat this as a software issue.
the only other thing i didn't try is attempting VPN copnnection to some other VPN VPN server.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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by seanferd In reply to Weird VPN issue

Some generic support:**08

Is port 1723 open for all necessary protocols (especially protocol 47), both ways?

If general troubleshooting doesn't work, delete the VPN config, and any traces of it you can find in the registry, then reconfigure it.


Check on any AV/internet security software

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Windows XP SP3

by Anqara05 In reply to OS?

Believe me when i say i combed the world wide web before i posted this issue on here.
This laptop has Norton Corporate edition, which i disabled as well just in case during my troubleshooting with no results.
Firewall is off on this Laptop, so nothing should be blocking protocol 47 on this laptop.
it is regular windows VPN but i will try deleting the VPN connection setting from there like you suggested and try it one more time once i get hold of the laptop.

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But what is between the laptop and the internet?

by seanferd In reply to Windows XP SP3

If you have a router, it likely has a firewall as well.

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look at your firewall

by CG IT In reply to Weird VPN issue

turn it off. if the VPN works then it's firewall blocking the necessary protocols for VPN to work.

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firewall is off.

by Anqara05 In reply to look at your firewall

Windows firewall on this laptop is off.

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