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    Welchia Worm


    by mkabus ·

    The welchia worm has hit our network via one of our laptop users. I have been tracing down machines with our fluke products for 2 days but I have still not stopped this thing from being passed around our network. Most of our machines are patched and we have a team of people patching the rest as I find them.I have configured our PIX to deny any traffic causing this virus to spread but I was wondering if there is any fool proof network tools to trace this thing down on our network and eliminate it once and for all. Any help or sugestions would be greatly appreciated..
    Thanks, Mark

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      by jaboy78 ·

      In reply to Welchia Worm

      go to to download the removal tools for it…

      it will 100% clean the viruses in your network.

      But is a must to run on all ur pc including ur server.

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      by curacao_dejavu ·

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      I don’t know pix but most if not all firewalls have logging capabilities built in.
      so if you enable the logging would find the ip of the machines generating the traffic.
      if you have a pc you can install netprobe 0.4 (free) (it has to go into the internet hub.) and you would be able to see all traffic on the network.


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