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Welcome to the Corporate Republic.

By webpilot1 ·
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Welcome To The Corporate Republic . Part 1 of many.

by webpilot1 In reply to Welcome to the Corporate ...

<p>When companies gain sufficient financial stature and accompanying influence, they attain a position where they can compete for resources with smaller countries and win. </p>
<p>When a country has a political system where political contributions have an inordinately loud voice, companies may exert inordinately large influence on policy, in nearly every arena and do.</p>
<p>Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the public almost five decades ago about the dangers posed on America by the military industrial complex with its growing influence and possibility of control over the country. While the public took note, they responded much the way a puppy might view a tall building (it just didn't register outside of academia).</p>
<p>Well, President Eisenhower's prediction came to pass and we've been living in the Corporate Republic of The United States for several decades. You don't believe it? Press onward: On the face of it, it's not 's not necessarily a bad thing in that prices have fallen, technology has risen and the bulk of Americans are better off now than say five decades ago. The problem lies in what appears to be a diverging path between the populace and the wants and needs of big business.</p>
<p>Try to get anything done in Washington DC without first "greasing the wheels of progress" and you'll find out that you can't get there from here. This is NOT to say all politicians are corrupt. However, when you hear of a corruption case, you're seeing only the tip of the iceberg. Try getting legislators to vote for major campaign finance reform and you will only get the uninitiated and those whom are sure your bill is dead before they'll vote for it.</p>
<p>Ultimately Democrats and Republicans play for the same team. America, Corporate Republic Thereof. End Part 1.</p>
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