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Certification -vs- Apprenticeship

by Evisscerator In reply to Welcome to the MicroZone

<p>With over 24 years of IT experience, does it provide any real value to obtain "Certifications"?</p>
<p>If I seem a bit soured by the "Certifications" thing, it is because I realized a long time ago that a certification certificate really means nothing, especially to old or new IT people. All it basically does is provide Microsoft or Novell or whomever with free money for a worthless piece of paper from people stupid enough to buy into their sales pitch for it. </p>
<p>Actually, the certification process was brought to make it seem as though people who don't go to college could obtain a piece of worthless paper to give them substance for their resumes and IT job applications. It does not mean that they can indeed do the work they are being hired for.</p>
<p>I am an advocate of turning this whole thing around (taking the "Free Money" schema away from Microsoft and Novell) and making the system go back to an "Apprenticed" system where one learns the skill while on the job and then tests for Mastery from one who has the Master's title. This whole process might take 4-5 years, but well worth the time. Take a good look at the system still in use by most electricians today. They still use the apprenticed system to gain mastery of the skills necessary to do the work.</p>
<p>How many IT people do you know that have 20+ years experience with microcomputers ? How many could answer some of these questions:</p>
<li>     What is the Input/Output data streams of a 6502c Processor ?</li>
<li>     What is the program and command to format a 10 megabyte hard disk drive on an IBM PC or Clone ?</li>
<li>     What was the price and configuration of the Basic IBM PC manufactured in 1981?</li>
<li>     What advantage did the Nec V20 and Nec V30 processors have over the 8088 and 8086 processors ?</li>
<li>     What is the Input/Output data streams of the 80286 processor ?</li></ol>
<p>Now, I know that some of you are going to go "Who Cares", but believe me, this information need not be lost or forgotten. It could be used to tell if people really do have experience that they claim to have when applying for IT jobs. It beats some of the other tests that I have seen recently.</p>
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Gasoline Prices are Fixed

by Evisscerator In reply to Welcome to the MicroZone

<p>If you have been watching the news as of late, you are realizing that gasoline prices are on the rise again.</p>
<p>What I find appalling, is the amount of "profit" that oil companies are making at our expense, the amount of the "bonus" checks their CEO's are getting, and that no one gets it that the price of oil and gasoline is directly related to the Futures Market.</p>
<p>In order to stop this "Fear Mongering" the US Government needs to remove the price of a barrel of oil and gasoline from the Futures Markets and put it back on the "Cost of Production" and reduce the "taxes" imbeded in the consumer cost of gasoline at the pump.</p>
<p>What's your view?</p>

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