Welcome to Workgroup?

By fahimdxb ·
We all have seen this message when we detach our XP Pro machines from a domain or the usual message of 'welcome to abc domain' when we attach.

Till now I was under the impression that when we detach a workstation from a domain, if would automatically cease to show in 'Computers and Users' mmc but that's not so. At a clients place, I see that there are 3000 odd computers listed under 'Computers' OU while originally there are only about 2000.
I did a test of detaching a computer from the domain and observed that the name still shows after 48 hours.

It's a Windows 2003 SP1 DC. Is it normal? How can I filter and delete all the names of the computers that no longer exist on the network?
Seems like, helpdesk guys are just plugging the network cable out of the PC and re-imaging the new image for years leading to about a 1000 extra PCs within my AD.

Pls advise.

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not automatic

by CG IT In reply to Welcome to Workgroup?

removal of a computer from Active Directory is not automatic if the computer is disconnected from the network.

you have to remove the computer [and resulting computer SID] for the computer to no longer show in Active Directory.

DHCP can give you a listing of all computers which it provides addresses to. What you want is a way to filter by MAC.

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Filtering by MAC

by fahimdxb In reply to not automatic

So you mean, that I first create a list from DHCP to tell me the MACs of the PC currently being assigned IP.

Than another list which would contain MACS of all the PCs shown within my Computers OU.

Finally, filter the list that contains binded IPs to that which does not.

And then...delete the PCs that come out in the filtered lists which do not have IP's assigned to it.

I am sure they would be in hundred's if not thousand.

Any way to automate the whole process??

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