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there ar 2 sides to this. 1, if your kids are doing drugs you the parent genrally try to ignore it. I mean it?s not something you want to know. Basically this is microsoft?s policy. If we don?t see it we don?t have to deal with it. genrally it doesn't work, it?s free!, take it? or leave it. If a little private guy has a 20 dollar copy of ROBO-form you enter all your, admittedly fake details and you can creat a new hotmail acount in about 2 minuts. So spamming on hotmail will only get worse. I guess it comes
down to 2 things. Are you willing to sacrifice the 3 or 4 relivant messages? Microsoft will probably never go after these guys because it's like tracing down viruses, MS
would just as soon ignore the problem. Take there virus scanning. In a nut shell MS will delete the file if it sees it on there servors. But do you really think there going to run there servors on over time scanning every e-mail message? I doubt it. 150000000 people use hotmail. As far as Microsoft is concerned it?s an easy come easy go sinario. My self? i don?t know how many of your customers use hotmail but like I said were down to a take it or leave it situation. I'm glad it's not my call.

The last quick point i Especially want to say is, if your running a 2 or 300 cliant network, what is cheaper? I don't run anything like that, but i assume that hotmail would be a massive savings.
savings When you consider if you pay MS $30 per 2 gigs of storage, and that's just for personal use, i do not know about corperations. so, $30 per 2 gigs,
against $xxx for what ever you pay for internet e-mail services now. Yep? It sucks. I hope that there is something relevant here for you. personally? Cut
em off. Who really has time to report all these people???????

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