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Well if not Norton, who should we trust for a good Anti-virus

By mark ·
I do agree that Norton might be commercial sales leader, in the anti-virus arena, and that it is not worth the money you pay for it, when compared to many of the free or almost free anti-virus packages out there.

Remember most people have been brainwashed by MicroSoft's marketing dept, into believing that if you pay a lot for it, it comes in a box and everyone is using it, it must work well and be good! (but most of them probably also believe in the tooth fairy and Santa too)

So if you believe price, branding and popularity are not the way to select an anti-virus how do we go about selecting a good anti-virus?

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by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Well if not Norton, who s ...

One of the least intrusive and most effective.

I've used the free version at home for years and years. At work we use the corporate licensed version. Either way, I strongly recommend it to all my users.

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by Robert.Giordano In reply to Well if not Norton, who s ...

Used F-Prot for over 15 years.

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No one

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Well if not Norton, who s ...

Use at least two, maybe three.

Not all at the same time, your machine will go a bit slow.

They all miss things, they all get updated at different rates.

If ????

Security is not trusting.

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