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well, it is official now.

By Jaqui ·
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the Ministry of vital Statistics for BC processed the application in a week, not the 6 weeks they said it would take.
so now, legally, it is Jaquilynne Andrea. :)

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Hooray: one more discordance rectified!

by john.a.wills In reply to well, it is official now.

Of course, it cost thousands of dollars (does the Canadian health-care system pay any part of that? I think it should, but then I have some socialist prejudices about health care, and there is the question of the cost to the rest of the community), but it must surely be worth it to you to get rid of that discord.

Be sure to tell us in due course whether your erotic attractions are now to men or to women. What were they before, by the way?

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by Jaqui In reply to Hooray: one more discorda ...

yup, I need to see 2 assessors for the MSP [ healthcare ] for it.
if BOTH agree that surgery is needed then that will be funded.
if ONE says breast augmentation is needed then that would be funded.

removal of facial hair, any other surgeries than those two, have to cover the costs myself.

and I have always been attracted to women, but recently, that has been changing.

talk about messing with your mind, changing sexual orientation really does mess you up.

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Seek first the kingdom

by john.a.wills In reply to lol

and all else shall be added to it. The transformation you are undergoing will be difficult in some ways, but surely you are better off with brain and genitals (and hormones) in synchrony. You have chosen, rightly, to deal with a central unrightness in yourself; surely good will come. Fight through the problems, as bravely as you can. And you seem to be laughing at them a bit, which is all to the good.

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Laughing? Naturally

by Jaqui In reply to lol

Well if I don't laugh at the curves being thrown at me, I would have to be screaming with frustration.
and the respiratory issues makes that latter a serious health risk. The emotional responses usually given a negative connotation ( anger, frustration, stress, fear, sadness, depression ) all have a significant negative impact on your breathing, mine is bad enough already, I can't afford to take the risks of taking things to seriously.

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I wanted to reply to your remarks about your respiratory problems, Jaqui,..

by john.a.wills In reply to well, it is official now.

but TR is being silly again. I had forgotten about your breathing troubles. I wonder whether there is anything central one can have done about that; perhaps not: I get asthma from cats; there is a treatment available, but it's easier for me to sleep away from houses with resident cats. I suppose that your problem is more serious than mine.

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My Respiratory problems

by Jaqui In reply to I wanted to reply to your ...

a 36 month bout with Bronchitis [ only takes 3 months to get a COPD diagnoses ]
Severe Emphysema
and a significant level of Adult Onset Asthma [ usually this means difficult to control ]

the only one of fix would be a lung transplant, for both my lungs. there are other people whose lungs function far less well than mine. The criteria they use is blood oxygen levels, and mine are still perfect.

I wish I could get a 100% avoidance of the triggers, but that just isn't possible, there are to many.

edit to add:

27 July went to doctors cause of massive amounts of mucus getting coughed up. [ summer cold ] yet my lungs were clear, an increase in one puffer usage for a few days and see if it helped.
30 July back at doctors, puffers failed at 1 hour after taking.
right lung was full of wheezing sound and indicatioons of infection in it.
so a 5 day course of prednisone and a 7 day course of clarithromyacin.

3 days a a minor summer cold became a seriously life threatening issue.

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So my fiend

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My Respiratory problems

The newest treatment that is still in Experiential stages is to eat vast amounts of Fiber to change the Bacteria in your Gut and supposedly stop the problems that arise when your Internal Bacterial Colonies are out of Balance.

They say at least 800 Grams a day is beneficial and cures a vast amount of things that seem unrelated. Not sure if it works or not but judging by what has happened to another Fiend who tried it, it's worth the effort. They went from 5 Puffs a Day to maybe once a month for the Asama Roids and over all feel much better after only 1 month. They are continuing with the supposed treatment as they feel much better and several other aliments have simply disappeared.

Of course they now look like a Rabbit are petrified of catching Myxomatosis and continually graze instead of eating. Not sure that's a Bad Thing either but they have now started saying What's Up Doc and sounding like Bugs Bunny.

Might be worth the time and effort giving it a go if you feel up to it.


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by dogknees In reply to well, it is official now.

Way too many people live or are forced to live lives that conflict with their true selves. Just another thing about the good old days that wasn't so good.

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further examples, dogknees?

by john.a.wills In reply to Excellent

Apart from sexual dysphoria and its remedy (available only, I think, since the 1960s), what disorders do we have that force us to live lives in conflict with our true selves? There are social disorders, of course, like religious persecution (hardly a thing of the past), but I suppose you are thinking of physiological and psychological disorders now curable. I am on 9 drugs, each of which helps me be a little bit more as I would like, but I think that none of my disorders is of the order of magnitude suffered until recently by Jaqui. So what disorders is dogknees thinking of? I have been wondering off and on for about a day.

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I hope you don't mind

by jck In reply to well, it is official now.

I'm just gonna keep calling you Jaqui...just like my dad still sometimes calls me "booger" lol

Hope everything goes well for you.

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