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Well said Mark

By mark.cooper ·
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I remember the days before the LaserJets

by mark.cooper In reply to Well said Mark

My first printer cost more than my Apple II+. It was a TI 810 wide carriage dot matrix. No descenders on the characters. We ran the BPI Accounting system. I then became an Eagle Computer dealer and a Leading Edge dealer. Sold Eagle CP/M machines. Sold Daewoo Computers (almost IBM PC compatible). WordStar was my 'word processing' program of choice.

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Me too

by JJFitz In reply to I remember the days befor ...

I started programming in college on a VAX system. Back then, I didn't even have a monitor. You just typed on the keyboard and the printer would spit out what you typed. They you would compile the code and run it.
I was so excited when they added monitors so I could finally cut, copy, and paste! WooHoo!
I remember the Leading Edge computers. They were assembled down the road in Canton, MA.
I used Wordstar on my Compaq portable. (more like luggable) It weighed 35 pounds, had dual 5.25" floppy drives and a tiny monitor.
I eventually replaced one of the floppy drives with a 20MB Hard Drive.
This is what it looked like:

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I started with Intro to Programming in college

by mark.cooper In reply to Me too

We started, like you, with the TI R/O printer/keyboard IIRC. It was part way through this class the Comp Sci folks allowed us mere engineers access to the 'tubes.' We discovered we could 'IM' the guy on the tube next to us. Exciting times.....talking from one terminal to another in real time. I did the punch cards originally. The System 360 was shared by administration. During registration it was really frustrating to punch the cards, run them through the reader, then wait 24 hours before you discovered you had a comma in the wrong spot.

I went to a printer school at Leading Edge. I remember driving on 128(Technology Highway?). The inside berm was an extra lane.

I sold a couple Leading Edge luggables. The ultimate in portability. I took one home for the weekend. Ran an extension cord to the picnic table. Computing outdoors!

A buddy of mine had the Kaypro 10. We set up a dBase-based dial-up BBS system for Porsche dealers to list their cars so they could check each other's inventory. Ended up doing restaurant and movie reviews. I ran the local Apple club BBS on my company Apple II+ after working hours.

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I started programming on a Burroughs 3500/II

by NickNielsen In reply to Me too

using a card punch and layout sheets. I soon figured out that it wasn't for me and moved to the dark side to maintain the hardware.

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JSYK, I started programming on an Apple II--with no formal CS training

by Vulpinemac In reply to I remember the days befor ...

It wasn't until I left the Air Force (where I worked on F-15 computer systems) that I went back to school and got that formal training. My instructors hated me because I usually had a functional program ready before I even had the algorithm written up.

I'm not a coder today more because I don't want to be, though I admit there are a lot of apps I wish were available.

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I did the same with my company's Apple

by mark.cooper In reply to JSYK, I started programmi ...

My only programming training was a quarter of Intro to Programming.

Used CCA Database Manager to set up a database, then programmed screens and reports in Applesoft. I built a job quote program.

Did a payroll in dBase II for an Eagle CP/M customer.

I haven't done any coding since early 2000's. Been keeping plenty busy setting up and managing networks for local government agencies and small business.

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The first computer I owned was a Leading Edge

by NickNielsen In reply to I remember the days befor ...

It was a 386DX that the base exchange had [mistakenly] marked down to $599. They thought they were marking down the 286s...

That thing lasted almost 10 years before the power supply gave out.

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I built my first computer in 1984

by JJFitz In reply to The first computer I owne ...

I took a "Build your own IBM-Compatible Computer" course at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education.
We spent a month learning how the computer components worked, how BIOS worked, how an OS worked, and how to troubleshoot. Then we ordered our parts based on our needs and budget and assembled the computers together.
In the end, I spent $850 for an IBM XT clone that would have cost me over $1500 if I ordered the equivalent from IBM.
It was the most informative course I took on desktop computers.
I was hooked from then on.

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So we're all "of a certain age".

by JJFitz In reply to Well said Mark

The funny thing is although I may not always agree with each of you at different times, I respect your opinions because you explain your positions well. I think it has something to do with our age and our experiences.
I have no patience for the trolls who post things like "iOS - Fail" and "Windows 8 will fail like Vista." with no explanation.

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Vista failing

by CharlieSpencer In reply to So we're all "of a certai ...

I immediately downgrade my opinion of a poster's knowledge when they say Vista 'failed' without acknowledging the failure was due to bad marketing and not a technical issue.

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