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    Well what can I say.


    by Michael Kassner ·

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      Is that it?

      by Michael Kassner ·

      In reply to Well what can I say.

      You’re feeling ignored? Do you honestly think I have the time to go through and answer all posts? You have no idea, first of all, how I feel about managers/staff. Why don’t you ask for clarification before you jump to the worst conclusion? Also, I and a good deal of the other editors here, would like to see those times when you DO agree with something we’ve said. We are working our asses off around here–short-staffed as everyone else with duties that keep compounding. But we are virtual sitting ducks for the likes of you with your drive-by insults and sarcasm. I believe the attraction of TR for you is precisely so you can find something to disagree with. That’s a pretty sad hobby to have.I could also go from blog to blog and find things I disagree with but I’ll be damned if I’ll convince myself that the world would be a lesser place if I didn’t make that known. You suggested a course for me. In all seriousness, you really should take more consideration of how your words come across. If you don’t care, then

      It’s not the points you make, it’s the frequency all over this site in which you make negative remarks. I don’t buy your claim that you have an “ethical and moral obligation” to disagree. I think it’s more that you have a compulsion to embarrass people and demonstrate what you perceive to be a higher level of intelligence. The fact is, polite people disagree but don’t always have to voice it. And I guess I’m old-fashioned, but I think that being polite is not a bad thing to be. Your tone is never constructive — it’s dismissive and arrogant. I think you need to realize that and stop trying to justify what you’re saying as constructive. It really is not necessary to voice disagreement every time it passes through your brain. No one (well, except for Santee) is keeping score.

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        by ansugisalas ·

        In reply to Is that it?

        Why do you care enough to feel hounded?
        Tony isn’t drinking the corporate kool-aid, but he’s also not a blue-eyed idealist.
        So what if he pricks? Only a balloon should feel threatened, and I think you have more substance than that.

        You can’t be something to everyone.

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          Don’t wanna be something to everyone

          by Michael Kassner ·

          In reply to Toni

          I just reached my limit on having my writers and editors being constantly degraded.

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          Okay. That’s fair.

          by ansugisalas ·

          In reply to Don’t wanna be something to everyone

          To be even-handed, there have been one or two real turkeys lately.
          Not talking about the regulars or the provocateurs… but about the one-hit wonders who write something that seems like their company must have paid for the column space, and it’s even poorly researched.
          That sort of stuff can start a snowball effect.

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      Okay point made.

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to Well what can I say.

      I am indeed wasting my time. I shall cease doing so.

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